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October 17th, 2012 2 comments

can someone give me STEP BY STEP directions how u get ringtone for your iphone.
i know you go to itunes and thats it.
please help. and be discritive

Alright I’ve been searching the web how to add your own custom ringtones to the iphone. There is but u need version 1.1.1 on your iphone, and for those who already did the update to 1.1.2 ur sol. Well here is another way to add ringtones to your iphone with out a third party app. First u need to download audacity, download version 1.2.6 next u need is current itune 7.5. You extract the file then open the program. After that is done you will go to file open find where ur .mp3’s are click on one of them and it will open it into the program after that u will select a 30 second section of song u want for your ringtone then you go to file click export selection as wave save onto ur desktop. then u will drag that wave file into your itunes libary. then u will right click on the ringtone u just made and convert to acc after that is done delete the wave file then u will right click on the acc file that you just made and select show in windows explorer or what ever the apple one is. then u will rename the last part from .m4a to .m4r example"roe.m4a" to "roe.m4r" then u will drag the file from the folder into the ringtones on your itunes. then all u do is sync the ringtones to your phone. ohh yeah btw delete the acc ringtone that u made bc it will no longer be there.
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