how to transfer ringtones from iPhone 4S to PC?

August 10th, 2013 2 comments

I used iPhone ringtone Maker to make some good ringtones for my new iPhone 4S. But in case of losing them one day, I want to backup iPhone 4S ringtones to computer. Who can give me a way to transfer my ringtones to PC?

Apple iTunes can’t help me transfer any files from iphone to pc, ringtones is no exception. But I have find a tool – iPhone 4S ringtones Transfer, which can transfer all your ringtones as music from iPhone to computer.

Wanting to get the usage, please refer to the following article:

How to I chose a custom SMS ringtone on an iPhone 4?

July 15th, 2013 2 comments

As I can change the iPhone ringtone to a custom now I wondering how to do with the SMS ringtone the same? Any ideas? Please help.
I didn’t asked about ringtones or download location for iphone ringtones. Please read the question twice. I asked about how to SELECT a CUSTOM RINGTONE ON THE IPHONE.

just use a FREE site called Ventones
to download or make any ringtone you want

its the best of all the sites

Does the ringtone maker app for iPhone only work when you have ringtone maker pro?

June 19th, 2013 1 comment

I downloaded the free ringtone maker app and did everything in the tutorial but its not working. I noticed the second time I watched the video that he clicks on ringtone maker pro. Does it only work for the one you have to buy? I’m so tired of these stupid iPhone ringtones!!!


You don’t need an app on your iPhone to make a ringtone. You can make your own iPhone ringtones for free on your computer using iTunes. My mom and I just got the iPhone 3GS and wanted certain people to have their own ringtones. I didn’t want an app or pay $1.29 for ringtones from the iTunes store on the iPhone, so I did the next best thing, I used iTunes and the music from my library.

I have a post on my blog on how to do this, here’s the link:
I hope this helps you.

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My coworker has the same iPhone ringtone as I do?

May 21st, 2013 7 comments

As I started a week before him, is he not obligated to change his ringtone so I can retain that which defines me (my iPhone ringtone). I work at Google; I do adwords stuff.

What’s your question?

can somebody offer me a serial number of iphone ringtone maker?

April 24th, 2013 1 comment

if you are really nice, please offer me a serial number of iphone ringtone maker?

I dont know I always get ringtones from

How to make an iPad Ringtone for FaceTime calls?

April 22nd, 2013 1 comment

I just wanna an easy-to-use Ringtone Maker for iPad, if iPhone ringtones can also be made with the same program, it is couldn’t be better.

This iPhone Ringtone Maker is a smart and cute Ringtones Manager offering an all-in-one iPhone&iPad Ringtone making and converting solution. It can make FaceTime, Calls, Text, Alarm Ringtones for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Besides, it is extremely easy-to-use.

You can Free download this program and have a try.

how to chang iPhone ringtone to popular song?

April 20th, 2013 4 comments

how to chang iPhone ringtone to popular song?

Hello, you can take a look at this guide about how to make ringtones for iphone using itunes:

if it still fails to work, just get the iphone ringtone maker
This piece of iphone ringtone creator software can turn virtually any music or sound source into iphone ringtones.

hope it helps!

How can I disable iPhone ringtone?

April 19th, 2013 1 comment

I need to know a way to disable iPhone ringtone so that it only vibrates. The switch can go down easily, and sometimes in the worst times.

Easy way: settings > sounds
turn vibrate on for ring and silent, turn phone ringer down all of the way in ring (non-silent) mode. Set to silent for good measure if you have personal ring tones for certain friends or contacts or text notifications.

Thorough way (free):
Record some silence and set that as your ring tone.
In windows you can use start > accessories > entertainment > sound recorder
I’m not sure what you’d need for a mac.

After you have recorded nothing from your computer you can then follow the procedure for making a custom ring tone out of that silent sound file. However, it should be noted that ring tones set for specific people will not be affected, so in conjunction with the easy way you should be assured only vibrations and no ringing unless your phone volume accidentally goes up, the switch is removed from silent position, and a friend with a custom ring tone specific for them calls.

To be eligible to be an iphone ringtone it needs to be in aac format which usually has the m4a extension (but needs m4r for a ringtone.) You can download audacity for free from You may also need to grab the lame mp3 decoder for audacity since your ringtone is in mp3 format. You will probably need the ffmpeg plugin for audacity as well. (However, that plugin might only be needed to save to mp3.) There should be a link after you download for the plugins. You will then have to install audacity onto your computer and load the songfile into audacity.

After you have done this select the song portion you would like and select edit>trim, then file>export…, finally save as (aac) m4a. Then simply rename the file extension to m4r and throw it into itunes and it will recognize it as a ringtone.

After that, just make sure it is set to synchronize with your phone under the ringtones tab when you plug in your device.

To summarize:
get audacity (free and open source) with lame mp3 and ffmpeg
file > open ; select area of song wanted ; edit > trim ; file > export ; save as (aac) m4a
rename *.m4a to *.m4r
put into itunes

Thorough way (paid):
I have heard there are apps from the app store that allow you to record something and use it as a ring tone without a computer. I’ve never used them, but I conjecture that you could record something very quiet/silent for the same purpose.

Can someone give me some suggestions about what kind of iphone ringtone maker is a better choice?

April 16th, 2013 3 comments

I want to convert audio/video files into m4r iphone ringtone which can be directly transfered on my iphone without itune.

How to have full version of iPhone ringtone maker? If someone have can you share serial with me?(”,)v?

April 14th, 2013 2 comments

Sorry if you find this pathetic or improper. I just don’t want to buy software for this and now I can’t find way to have full-crack or serials for iPhone ringtone maker. Anyway thanks for those who will reply.;)

Just use iRinger
it is free and does the job properly
search it up on google