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Blackberry 8800: Born to Lead

June 2nd, 2012 No comments

Mobile phones have the potential to offer reliability and mobility to the users. As a matter of fact, with the inception of these tiny gadgets almost all the tensions which were related to the factor of communication got overruled. These days accessing long distance and international calls is quite a smooth affair. As such, these days maintaining and managing relations can be no longer regarded as a matter of concern. In this context the mobile fraternity is also boasting of numerous models, which come equipped with numerous high-end specifications. The multiple mobile phone manufacturers in the market on the other hand make sure that they secure the top position in any cost. In this process, the mobile phone users get to explore the new dimensions of high-end technology and enhance their level of comfort and mobile entertainment. To mention the presence of numerous mobile phone manufacturers in the market there are Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and BlackBerry etc. In this regard, it can be understood that the mobile phone market has become volatile due to stiff competition between the ace players. But, whatever be the case BlackBerry has made a noteworthy contribution in this arena. It has notably introduced numerous models in past, which have created deep impression both in the minds and hearts of the people due to their reliability and mobility factor.

The latest model which has been introduced by Blackberry is the BlackBerry 8800 mobile phone. In terms of design and high-end functionality, this handset is just second to none. Moreover, with the support of user friendly interface, you can operate this high-end handset at ease. In simple words, due to the ease of use this handset is destined to hit the priority list without any hassles. It is quite easily understood that this high-tech mobile phone would carry the legacy of this ace player further. The full QWERTY keyboard of this gadget brilliantly compliments its sturdy design. Furthermore, with the support of its elegant and spacious keyboard, you can easily shuffle the icons of the gadget and even type your text messages at a very steady pace. The magnificent trackball navigation of this handset would permit you operate this gadget at ease. In order to enhance the mobile feature to a significant extent this handset comes enhanced with polyphonic and MP3 ringtones. Whenever, this mobile phone buzzes, it is sufficient to vibrate your musical bones and that too to enhance your comfort level.

However, while appreciating the high-end specifications, we cannot ignore the storage capacity factor. In this context too the BlackBerry 8800 handset sweeps the lot at ease. It comes enhanced with 64 MB of flash memory and 16 MB SRAM. You can use the mammoth storage capacity of this gadget without any hassles for storing huge amounts of files. As a matter of fact, this storage capacity would never allow you to face the problems of storage constraints. The connectivity options of this handset are also quite impressive. To mention the connectivity options one can find connectivity options such as GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB. These high-end options would permit you to send and receive large files and that too without any hassles. However the messaging options of this mobile phone such as SMS, MMS email and instant messaging etc., would help you to add some funny spice to your hectic lifestyle. With these high-end options you can comfortably share text, picture and video files with your friends and relatives at ease. Furthermore, with the support of the WAP browser option in this handset, one can browse the preferred web pages and get the necessary information even while on move. As such, this particular feature can be looked upon as the perfect medium for infotainment.

The built-in GPS navigation feature would further simplify your travelling options and that too without any extra effort. This high-end option would assist you to track your desired location and reach there before time. Thus, BlackBerry 8800 phone would definitely add more juice to your entertainment options and mobile lifestyle.

Stephen George