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Morph and Morpher

June 17th, 2012 2 comments

According to Oxford’s definition, “to morph” is to change, or make somebody/something change into something different.Inspired from this definition, another new concept was born, “morpher” by AVnex Ltd (, an audio and video software provider with the motto “Unique Products Serious Fun”

In audio world, AVnex’ well-known AV Voice Changer Software series and Music Morpher series can be considered as the first PC tools helping users change voices, sounds and any audio streams from their PC. Changing or morphing process is carried out in real time and the output quality is quite natural and beyond many end-users’ expectation. With AV Voice Changer Software, you can disguise your voice to be totally anonymous in chat rooms, online games or produce voicemail greetings, messages, dubbing and voiceover, etc. Meanwhile, Music Morpher tools help not only enjoy music files in a newly unique way, but also produce funny ringtones, remixed songs, medleys and more.

The increasing need for morphing video and images also inspires AVnex Ltd. to discover and deliver new gadgets. Then the DVD Player Morpher (now Movie Morpher) series and Webcam Morpher series were released in 2005. The most important benefit of Webcam Morpher is its ability to let you pretend to be another person in webcam, thus protecting your privacy safely. Meanwhile, DVD Player Morpher and Movie Morpher software are of great help in dubbing movies and enjoying home movies in a new Hollywood style.

All audio and video morphing software are available for download at AVnex’ official web site
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