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Cell Phone Ringtones Bring Your Phone To Life

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Cell phones have revolutionized the way people communicate. Within 20 years cell phones have moved from luxury devices to devices of necessity. Cell phone ringtones are one of the most popular accessories used in cell phones. The annual sales of cell phone ringtones reach approximately $3 billion.

Ringtones have changed the soundscape of modern communication. A ringtone is the sound made by a cell phone to indicate an incoming call. The cell phone makes the ringing sound in response to a special ringing radio frequency sent by the cellular service to indicate incoming calls. They were initially provided in cell phones so that the user could differentiate between its own cell phone rings from other cell phones’. However cell phone ringtones have become even more diversified leading to personalization of cell phones.

Presently many ringtones such as sing tones, voice tones, caller tunes, monophonic tones, polyphonic tones, true tones etc are available freely and on payment basis on the internet. From Britney Spears to Shakira, crying babies to diving fighter planes, all sorts of ringtones are available. Cell phone ringtones started out as simple rings and beeps, but present day ringtones are generally polyphonic. Polyphonic ringtones use two or more independent melodies playing synchronously. Current cellular phones can play four to forty tones and notes simultaneously. Polyphonic ringtones have literally silenced monophonic tones due to their superior and pleasant quality. They can play guitars, drums, pianos and other sound instruments.

Cell phones are available with preinstalled tones. If the user is not satisfied with them he can download ringtones from the internet or from other phones. The usual formats for ringtones are either MP3 or MIDI.

The latest cell phones can store quite a lot of ringtones. There are facilities available for storing different ringtones set for different people on the phone book. In addition, different ringtones for SMS (short messaging system), MMS (Multimedia messaging system) and voice calls can also be kept. Voice ringtones are a fad these days. Ringtone downloads of voices of famous people, movie stars and other popular voices like that of the Star Wars characters Yoda, Chewbacca, R2D2 etc are available. Yoda is particularly popular with the phrase “Answer the phone you must”.

Vibrational ringtones are used in noisy places, while traveling, by hearing impaired, places where silence is mandatory like movie theaters libraries, hospitals, meetings etc. With vibra ringtones the cell phone vibrates to get the attention of the user.

Cell phones have moved from being simple communication devices to a kind of adornment and fashion statement. Ringtones help make the cell phone appear more lively and attractive and thus reflect on the personality of the user.

Susan Jan

    February 14th, 2012 at 00:28 | #1

    help with my essay please?
    My professor wants a narrative essay where cell phone affected my life in a bad way and not ending with a moral.
    What in the world this is the best i could come up with help please

    My Cell Phone Convictions
    I was eighteen years old, and I decided that I knew everything. I decided to move out on my own and get my very own cell phone. I was so excited I had no one to tell me how many minutes to use, how many ringtones I could have, or even what I could download. I went and bought the best phone that I could find at Alltel. I think I was more excited about my phone than living outside of my parent’s house. For some reason getting that phone validated that I was an adult and that I could use my own credit now. I could do anything that I wanted. That is what I thought anyway. I had a part time job at McDonalds. I was in heaven.
    I immediately started to give my number to every one I knew, and even people I did not know.
    When my mother found out what I had done. She was a little upset; she told me “you need to be more responsible”. I was being responsible she did not anything. My best friend, Sarah, and I were roommates. We would be in the same room and text each other. I thought that the idea of being able to tell someone something with out actually picking up the phone was amazing. But then there where times when what I said did not come out right on the other end and, I started to realize when you text there is no tone so; it can be taken different ways. This made me start thinking before I would send a text to make sure that it would not offend the person that I was texting. My phone to me still was the greatest thing I have ever done for myself.
    Sarah, who was not only my best friend and my roommate, was also my boss. She told me “you have to stop bringing your phone to work, we have new rules now and cell phones are prohibited from the work place”. I was aggravated, my cell phone was my second best friend (that’s what I called it). So I texted her a little later that afternoon and, told her that I think that rule is crazy, I need to bring my phone to work, it was not possible for me to come to work with out it. I did not receive a response all that night. The next day when I saw her, she told me “If you can not come to work with out your phone than you just do not come to work.” Just a few seconds after she said that I received a call from my mother. She was crying all I could understand was, “you need to get to the hospital.” I had a gut wrenching feeling, my father had been fighting cancer for four years. My shift started in thirty minutes, but that was the least of my worries at that time. I drove as fast as could to get to the VA Hospital, in Jackson, Mississippi. It took me only two hours to drive get there which should have been a three hour drive. I ran to the elevator and went up to the 11th floor. I walked in and saw my mother crying, but I did not see my father. I ask her “Where is he?” She said “They took him to have emergency surgery; they think the cancer has gone into his brain.” At the time I did not understand the effects of what would happen if it had gone into his brain. When he finally, got out of surgery I was relieved. But we still had to wait for the results. It was four hours before his doctor came in. he had a smile so I immediately knew that it had to be good news. He said “The cancer has not spread, but we need to keep you a few days because, you have the flu.” I was relieved all the anxiety I had dissipated. My mother quit crying and she was hugging my father. I decided that I needed to call Sarah to tell her what happened. I called her three times and did not get an answer. I decided that I would just se her when I got home. I spent a few more hours with my parents. I went and got my mother something to eat from Sonic before I left for, she had not eaten all day. I took the long three hour drive back home. I was not in a rush this time. I walked through the front door and I saw a note on the table for me. It was from Sarah, It read, “You have been fired, and since you can no longer pay your half of the bills you will have to move in with your parents.” I said out loud, “Is she crazy or what? She can’t fire me.” I tried and tried to call and text her and, got no response. The next day when she came home, I tried to explain to her what happened. She stated “Well my boss was there and, ask me where you were I told her what you said. She signed a pink slip for you. There is nothing I can do.” I just walked away thinking, did I get fired over my cell phone or not calling in. I never found out the exact reason, I am still confused about that. The freedom that I was so excited about, I am back with my parents where I started and, I appreciate them even more. Regardless if it was my cell phone or what the reason was for me losing my job, in the end it all came together.

  2. airbender
    February 14th, 2012 at 05:30 | #2

    The content is beautiful, but there are some grammatical mistakes. Look it over yourself and you will see that in some places, the commas are misplaced and you need a few extra words here and there. For example, in sentence number 5, it reads, "For some reason getting that phone validated that I was an adult and could use my own credit now." You’ll need another word after "validated." There are some other examples like this. Just fix up the punctuation and proofread the errors that you yourself see when reading it and you’ll be good to go.
    References :
    straight A’s in English

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