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Motorola V220: Mobile Phone With a Difference

The Motorola V220 is all set to impress you with its curvy and sleek design. With sophisticated keypad and quality colour screen, this phone comes in a silver casing to tempt you. It has all the features to serve your communication as well as to entertain you. An integrated digital camera, picture phone book, MP3 ringtones and funny games, get all these features in one. What’s more, you can add the optional FM stereo radio–move your legs with the rhythm. All features make this handset a smart one.

Take the photo with a high quality integrated digital camera and 4x digital zoom. Capture the picture with a small push of the user-friendly keypad and make fun out of it. The high colour screen makes it easy to view the crystal clear picture.

The picture phone book allows you to fix a photo against the phone number in your phone book. Whenever you receive a call, instead of displaying the phone number, a photo of the caller will be displayed on the screen. This gives a real experience of talking.

Enjoy excellent game in your own handset. The embedded games include Hungry Fish, OptItOut and Photo Editor. Apart from that you can also download latest games from the Internet. Play games in your leisure time or anywhere you go. With Motorola V220, everything is possible.

Personalize your ringtones and stand out of the crowd. With polyphonic ringtones, MP3 ringtones, you can easily select a particular tone and personalize it. Download latest ringtones to make a difference.

For more entertainment, you can add the FM stereo radio handset which is an optional feature. Add FM stereo radio and enjoy all time hit music from your favourite radio station. The handset also comes with mobile phone tools software that allows you to communicate and keep you totally organized.

All these excellent features can be yours through the mobile contract deals. Get Motorola contract phones from the UK mobile networks. Almost all the networks available in the UK offer such deals. Get connected with the deal and enjoy cost-effective and seamless connectivity with lots of incentives.

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