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How do you music on the Samsung Beat?

December 24th, 2012 1 comment

I have windows media player 8 i think.When i copy it on to the phone its says the file is not supported on this phone.


First plug in the phone using the USB cable

Then a portable device window should pop up, giving you three options: open device to view files, sync digital, media files to this device, take no action

Click on the first one: Open devices to view files

Another window should then pop up with: Memory Card and Phone Memory. You can click on either one.

(Your media file may not be supported. It should be an MP3. Is it not?)

This site actually helped me create ringtones but it will also convert your song files to MP3 format if it isn’t already.


Download Audacity 1.3.4 (Beta)

Run Audacity

Open a song that you want

Go to <File<Export


It will ask you for a LAME code

Download this one:

Save it somewhere that it’s easily accessible

Back to Audacity. Browse for the LAME code.

Then it should export the file to a MP3 which should work in places such as iTunes.

Go the folder with the new MP3 song. Copy then paste in the Memory Card or Phone folder.

<Menu<Fun & Apps< Files
Depending on where you saved it, it should either be in Music or Memory Card.

PS: If you want it to show up in your Music player, you should turn off the phone then back on and the songs should automatically be in the Library playlist.

Good Luck! I hope this helped!!!

If you have any questions just email me:

How do I activate my sd card for my android admire?

November 29th, 2012 No comments

I plug it into my computer using the USB cable, and nothing comes up. My computer doesn’t see anything there, yet it still charges. When I go to computer, I can see Removable Disk, but when I click on it, it says nothing is there pretty much. I have a 2GB sd card that came with my phone, but its just not working! Does anyone know whats going on?

The Fine Art of Downloading Ringtones To A Cell Phone

February 25th, 2012 2 comments

You may not be aware of it, but there is a certain skill involved in downloading ringtones to a cell phone. Here are some of the basics that you need to understand and master if you are serious about building up a nice collection of ringtones that will be available to you whenever you like.

One of the first things to remember is that there is no value in downloading ringtones to a cell phone that are not compatible with your make and model of cell phone. It should come as no surprise that there are different types of files that work on different types of phones. After all, look at the many different types of electronic documents that most of us work with each day. All are not created alike. So even if you come across a ringtone that really is a great one, don’t waste time and energy saving it on the off chance that someday you will have a phone that will accept the ringtone. There is plenty of time later on to find compatible file types when that day comes along.

Make sure that the ringtones you pick are right for you. What is the point of loading the first movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony if you don’t care for classical music? Go with something that is more in line with your personality, while still remaining within the perimeters of good taste, of course. You want your choice of cell phone downloads to say something positive about you, not be a point of evidence that your relatives can use to have you committed.

One misconception a lot of people have is that you have to download the ringtone directly to your phone. While you can, that is not necessarily the case. A number of cell phones are manufactured so that you can connect them to your computer hard drive via a USB cable and upload ringtones directly from your hard drive. This is actually a much better system, for two reasons.

First, chances are you can save quite a few more ringtones in a folder on your hard drive than you ever could on your cell phone. Second, the ringtones can be archived on a CDR, if you want to keep your collection safe and free from any type of hardware failure. After all, both computers and cell phones have been known to stop functioning. If you really want to be a serious collector of ringtones, then you want to keep your collection in a safe place. Download to your hard drive, then archive on disk.

While the mechanics of downloading ringtones to a cell phone are very simplistic, the sense of finesse behind what you choose and where you store it make ringtone downloading an art form in and of itself. By keeping a couple of simple ideas in mind, you can become a true artist of the ringtone download genre.

Craig Thornburrow

Ringtones For Blackberry

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Motorola presents mobile users the solution of sharing, downloading, as properly as accessing cell telephone characteristics by way of a laptop and/or desktop computer system. Very advised by shoppers, Motorola Telephone Tools are regarded a exceptionally valuable aspect for those who delight in listening to music, chatting web based, manipulating photographs, and so on.

It is rather simple there are two numerous approaches to connect the Motorola cell telephone to other devices. Initially, the Bluetooth feature, which delivers a way to connect and exchange information and facts among devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops, printers, digital cameras and even video game consoles. Besides Bluetooth, the Universal Serial Bus, or the USB cable, can as properly be connected to other devices.

Ahead of applying either or connectors, the Motorola Telephone Tools CD ROM is necessary in order to get started the plan. When the plan is saved and stored to the PC, itll be a complete lot a lot easier to access telephone tools on the desktop.

There are a few approaches to get ringtones unto those phones.

Firstly you can acquire the datacable and the computer software (Mobile Telephone Tools) for the telephone. You can get this at any telephone outlet or even web based. With this you can then build and transfer pictures, wallpapers, movies and mp3 ringtones to and from the telephone.

Secondly you can acquire the Bluetooth Dongle (USB Adapter), and then use this to transfer your pictures and ringtones from your PC to your telephone and vice-versa. This will all be performed applying the bluetooth wireless technologies.

Thirdly you can go web based and acquire some zero cost ringtones that you like and then have them transferred to your telephone directly off the online applying WAP technologies.

You can also even get the ringtones texted applying MMS to your telephone or you can even have them emailed to you.

These are the most desirable solutions for you to pick out from. There are way more but perform with these for now. Oh and do not get led on by these Network many people that want to make added revenue.

There are two approaches of carrying out this. The initially is applying Bluetooth, which is a wireless connection and the second is applying the information cable and Motorola Telephone Tools (MPT). I would advise that you use the information cable considering it is exceptionally thorough and it has a rather simple user interface.

The information cable you can acquire at any telephone shop or even on Ebay. As for the computer software MPT, here is a link that you can use to download it.

If they ask for a password to open the file just after you have downloaded it then you can attempt this:

When you copy and paste the link, you will be directed to rapid share. Then you scroll down the page to the button free situated at the bottom of the second column. Click on the zero cost button and then you will go onto a further page. This page should certainly have a timer counting down. This is how lengthy you have to wait ahead of you can download the file. When the timer expires, then you can enter the three character confirmation code that they give you, and then hit download and that is it.

You will also have to have WINRAR, that is the computer software they use to zip the files. This you can get anyplace on the net but you can check: if you do not already have it.

Free Ringtones

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Firstly, you are in a position to acquire the information cable and the computer software (Mobile Telephone Tools) for your cell telephone telephone. The information cable and computer software can be located at any telephone outlet or quite often, even web based. When you get this, you can then build and transfer pictures, wallpapers, movies and mp3 ringtones to and from the cell telephone.

Secondly, you can acquire the Bluetooth Dongle (USB Adapter), and then use it to transfer your pictures and ringtones from your PC to your telephone and vice-versa. This will all be performed applying the bluetooth wireless technologies.

Thirdly, you can go web based and acquire some zero cost ringtones that you like and then have them transferred to your telephone directly off of the online applying WAP technologies.

You can even get the ringtones texted to your telephone by applying MMS, or you can have them e-mail it to your telephone as properly.

If you use your cell telephone to access the online, you are in a position to go on the net and search by way of tons of music and acquire music from any music shop. Other than that, the only zero cost ringtones are the ones that come equipped with the cell telephone when you initially get it.

I advise you applying the convenient way to get music onto your telephone, which is transferring it to your telephone from your computer system by applying the USB cable, taking into consideration that it is zero cost of charge and it will not charge you for the song nor for text messaging

Ok the initially factor that you have to do to add a Caller ID ringtone, is that you have to save the get in touch with on the telephone and not on the SIM. This solution can be located in the new get in touch with solution. It is on the similar list as the contacts name and quantity, and so on. you have to modify the store to solution to shop to telephone and not shop to SIM.

When this is performed, you will notice that you can now enter a lot way more information and facts for that get in touch with in certain. 1 of the new fields added would be Caller ID ringtone. Just pick the solution and pick out a ringtone, then save and pick performed to finalize.
When I say SIM, I mean the SIM card that the network operators install in the telephone. That card is made use of to give you your network identification and to activate the telephone.

But frequently the ringtones that you sent to the telephone via the USB cable is automatically sent to the bottom of the ringtones list.