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Does the ringtone maker app for iPhone only work when you have ringtone maker pro?

June 19th, 2013 1 comment

I downloaded the free ringtone maker app and did everything in the tutorial but its not working. I noticed the second time I watched the video that he clicks on ringtone maker pro. Does it only work for the one you have to buy? I’m so tired of these stupid iPhone ringtones!!!


You don’t need an app on your iPhone to make a ringtone. You can make your own iPhone ringtones for free on your computer using iTunes. My mom and I just got the iPhone 3GS and wanted certain people to have their own ringtones. I didn’t want an app or pay $1.29 for ringtones from the iTunes store on the iPhone, so I did the next best thing, I used iTunes and the music from my library.

I have a post on my blog on how to do this, here’s the link:
I hope this helps you.

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How to make my Sanyo 6600 Katana Ring Louder?

February 5th, 2013 1 comment

Whenever I download a ringtone, it doesn’t ring loud. But the ringtones programmed in the phone when I bought it ring loud. It was the same way w/ my T-mobile Samsung t309, it didn’t ring loud whenever I downloaded a ringtone. What should I do about the Katana? I heard from many resources after the fact I bought the phone, that its the same way w/ everyone else. Can someone help me?

Turn it up??? I really dont know I would go talk to the people at T-Moble and ask them. Sorry Im no Help… Good Luck!!!

How do I get rid of contacts on my android?

January 30th, 2013 1 comment

I have an Android Optimus. It said that I can’t delete them because they are a read only file. They aren’t under my contacts when I look at them like that but when I go to add a ring tone to someone it still shows the entire list of people from my gmail and phone numbers that I deleted….

Try panda PC SUITE.
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How to clear android contacts of emails?

January 26th, 2013 No comments

I have a lot of contacts that are just emails ans I only want contacts of people whose phone numbers I have. How do I do that?

Free Ringtone – Are They For Real?

September 25th, 2012 4 comments

When you are standing in a crowd, you will get mystified with all the ringtones that you will hear. People can’t seem to get away with these ringtones. What is it in these ringtones that people are driven mad about it? Well, a good reason why a person who possess a cell phone will have plenty of ringtones because they can get it for free. S

Since they are paying for nothing, they will always think of getting as much as they can or the whole of it. Some people want hundreds of ringtones stored on their phone. How can they possibly pay attention to all the ringtones that they have?

While some businesses sell ringtones, people will always have the thought of “why would I buy when I can get it for free?” when you are fond of searching in the Internet, you will notice that ads for ringtones have increased amazingly in just a wink of an eye.

A lot of people are even putting up their own websites to get profit from it. Most of the people who do these are the ones who have been crazy about ringtones. You will always encounter an ad that tells “free ringtone’, but are you sure that it’s really for free?

Some of the free ringtone websites can be quite tricky. Some will point to other websites that will require you to download with a certain payment. Some do this to increase traffic to their website but in fact, they are wasting your time especially if you have high hopes of getting the newest and free ringtone.

Why can’t people be contented with just the beep of the cell phones that they crave for these free ringtone? If you will make your search for free ringtone, you will often ask which site will really offer you with a free ringtone and will allow you to download it successfully.

You need to be careful and observant because some of the sites are just fooling around and it is too late before you realize that you have spent some of your dollars over these free ringtones that they claim. It has been found out that the search for free ringtones in the Internet have increased over other keyword searches.

Imagine the number of people who are catching the chance to get free ringtones for their cell phones. If you want to make sure with your search, you can search in Google and type in the song that you want to look for. This search engine will display about 5,000 or more results and hopefully, you might end up with one that can give it to you for free.

It’s surely worth the patience and try. The best way to get a free ringtone is by asking your friends to share their ringtones to you. You can ask them to send it to your phone with the use of devices such as Bluetooth or Infrared. You can also get the notes of the song from the cell phone’s composer.

You might be lucky if you have found your favorite song on your friend’s phone. If you intend to look for free ringtones, make sure that you don’t get deceived because you will just waste your time and effort to nothing.

Low Jeremy

Customize Iphone Ringtone the Easy Way

May 24th, 2012 No comments

If ordinary phone users can take advantage of the many applications that they can have with their phone, iPhone users can expect much, much more! iPhone manufacturers made it sure that you only get the best out of their phone model. Cool tricks are conveniently installed for the purpose and – you can even go to the point of customizing your ringtone!

When this phone was launched, the manufacturer is pretty sure that it will hit the market like a storm. It is available for less than two hundred dollars but it is already outfitted with an amazing wireless technology. It contains a lot of features that you would normally expect from an Apple-made gadget; widescreen, amazing phone, iPod, device to surf the internet, e-mails, and a lot more. It is also available in different languages so it is definitely something that can be used by all sorts of people across the globe. It has support for Microsoft exchange and GPS mapping, too.

If you are a music aficionado then you’ll be happy to know that you can have customized ring tones for your iPhone easily by means of iTunes which contain more than half a million tracks that users can utilize. They range from the classic music to the recently released tracks, any person can choose the kind of ringtone that they wish to have.

The good thing about making ringtone by means of iTunes is that the tone is yours to keep. For $1.98, you will have a ringtone that is yours to keep for a lifetime. Making your own tone is a piece of cake. A system will help you take step by step so you don’t have to worry that you wont be able to do it right. All you have to do is to pick the songs from the library then mark the items with the ringtone symbol which typically looks similar to a bell. The moment when you see the sign then you are on your way in creating a thirty-second ringtone for your iPhone model.

There are so many reasons why it would be great to customize ringtone for your phone. A lot of people take pleasure with the fact that they can have something which is uniquely their own. You can even use the sound as your signature so people will think of you the moment they hear the tone.

Furthermore, one can even customize the ringtone through iTunes in even more extreme level. Users will have the ability to set ringtones for various people that call you. By having this, you can assign a certain ringtone in order to alarm you just in case your boss is on the line.

Mitch Edwards

TV Ringtone Is Getting Famous

May 21st, 2012 2 comments

Did you ever wonder why people go crazy over personalizing their ringtones? Everyone is enjoying the vast spreading of these ringtones because they are able to personalize their own phones which they think best suits their personality.

The personalized ringtones can be heard everywhere and sometimes, it’s easy to distinguish the tune that is playing because they are inspired with the most famous songs that we have today. Some people even have TV ringtone on their phones and usually, it is from their favorite TV show that they get to watch everyday.

For funny people, they will surely have a funny ringtone which they have seen in comedy shows and films. Some will even have the hilarious lines of comedy actors in the comedy shows which give you an idea about their personality. If a person is quite emotional and romantic, she will definitely have a TV ringtone from her favorite soap opera or TV series.

You might wonder how these people have come up with these ringtones. These ringtones can be found even in the exact TV show that is playing. There will be some ads that will show how you can download the TV ringtone. Some will offer it for free while some will require you to download.

This kind of business continuously grows because the people are very well entertained with it. They feel happy upon hearing the TV ringtone and feel as if they were watching the show. This also gives laughter to people especially when the cell phone rings and the TV ringtone plays.

Generation has grown up amazingly and television shows have been an invariable companion in our daliy lives with our family or loved ones. People have associated the TV ringtone with their cell phones to show their likes and amusement. The growth of the TV ringtone has been an explainable phenomenon for families and friends.

They will normally talk about TV shows and when they hear TV ringtone, they will surely be reminded of it and start the conversation. This also gathers the attention of a crowd. You will notice that when your cell phone rings, people will usually turn their heads back and forth to look for the person who has that TV ringtone.

Some might even ask you where you got it and how they can have it. If your child loves Looney Toons and watch it almost everyday, you can set your ringtone to Looney Toons and when he hears it, it will surely bring laughter. This can be a good way to keep in touch with your family and bring joy to them.

If you know of a person who has a famous TV ringtone, you can ask him to send it to your cell phone through the computer or the infrared so that you can instantly have it in your cell phone. This is also a way of patronizing your favorite TV show to other people.

The more TV ringtones you have, the more people will want to have it on their phones and it will also cause them to watch the TV show which the TV ringtone is playing. Another reason why people want TV ringtones on their phone is because they want to be reminded that they shouldn’t miss the favorite TV show to make their day happy.

Low Jeremy