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How do I stop my Android phone deleting music when inserting the memory card?

December 1st, 2012 1 comment

I have an HTC Legend and trying to get about 7gb of MP3s on there. Ive tried this in a few ways which include the usual copy/paste, htc sync, winamp and nothing seems to work. Sometimes it completly removes all music folders, others it seems to remove the mp3s and leaves the folders. can anyone help?

Try panda PC SUITE.
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you can use pc suite to manage your phone (apps ringtones)

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Totally Free Ringtones For Cell Phones

November 7th, 2011 No comments

You know when your mobile rings, but you want to make it way more pleasurable and personalized. So what do you do Get a ringtone. At present, the ringtone market place has grown tenfold, thanks to technologies joining hands with creativity. With the entry of monophonic and polyphonic ringtones and with newer handsets coming out, downloading and sharing ringtones has come to be exceptionally famous. Early on, most of the service providers charged their shoppers for ringtones, and this soon became a marvelous income generator. Of course, cell telephone users would rather have zero cost ringtones than pay for them!

At present, zero cost ringtone downloading has come to be a norm and service providers have accepted it, and changed their method a bit. Now, most entirely zero cost ringtones perform as indirect promoting merchandise. Most portals and Net web pages deliver a host of entirely zero cost content material. Entirely zero cost ringtones involve just about all varieties of ringtones that a user could possibly want. These incorporate MIDI and MP3 formats, and even computer software-generated tones. Most of the Net web pages that deliver zero cost downloads come with a catch. But entirely zero cost ringtones incorporate no catches and no signups. In spite of this, some of these zero cost ringtones are only on the market to be made use of for a restricted period. In spite of this, there are a lot of freelance authors who compose varied varieties of ringtones and upload them on the net so that many people can download them zero cost of expense.

The capacity to download entirely zero cost ringtones also depends on the capabilities of your telephone. If you can connect it to your PC by information cable, bluetooth or infrared, then there are a quantity of areas you can get appropriate files for ringtones from for zero cost. With MP3s becoming a norm for ringtones, the possibilities have come to be endless. It is valuable to know the source of the ringtone, even though, and to download from a trusted Net web-site, considering some many people can package malicious viruses and spyware with their so-named zero cost ringtones.