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How to make a iPhone Ringtone from any video/audio files?

April 10th, 2013 2 comments

How to make a iPhone Ringtone from any video/audio files?

i use the Ventones website all the time for my new Iphone 3g,
and the problem is that you are doing it wrong.

you can’t send the ringtone to your phone because you can’t save it that way on the Iphones.

You need to create a special ringtone file and then download it to your computer and then transfer it to itunes and sync your iphone

this is what you need to do

1) upload your mp3 file and create your ringtone on Ventones

2) when done, press the blue button that says
[Click here for your Iphone Ringtone]

3) Wait a second and then you will see a link.
right click on that link and download that file to your computer
That will be your Iphone ringtone. It will end in .m4r format, not mp3. If it ends in mp3, you did it wrong.

4) Open up your Itunes program. Drag and drop the ringtone that you downloaded from ventones to your itunes program.

5) Connect your iphone to itunes and your ringtone will transfer to your iphone

Is it possible to make your own ringtones?

November 15th, 2012 4 comments

Like are ringtones a wav file or is the sound synthesized?
How does one download it then?

You can use software, there are thousands of programs like WavePad, or an online tool where you simply upload the MP3 you want and it will convert to a ringtone:

Also look at resources here:

What are the pros and cons of Verizons Iphone 4?

November 9th, 2012 1 comment

Can you use music as a ringtone?
What apps are free?(Facebook, Pandora, etc)
Is it really difficult?

1/ yes you can use music as a ringtone. If you have a Mac with iLife you can use garage band to make custom ringtones from MP3 from your itunes library and then import them to iTunes to put on your phone.

2. There are lots of free apps available from Games to productivity Facebook and Pandora are free apps but they use data so make sure you get a data plan that will work for you and you watch your usage to avoid overage.

3. no it is not difficult to use but will take time to get used to when you buy an iPhone 4 you will get 90 Days of free Apple Care phone support to answer any questions you have about the phone any app question you will have to call the app maker to ask but there are resources available online to help you lear your new phone.

4. the only thing about the iPhone 4 on Verizon is that you can not use data and make calls at the same time due to network restrictions. but is all around the same phone as the AT&T version.

IPhone ringtones?

May 17th, 2012 3 comments

Hi all. I have went to a website where you can get wallpaper and ringtones for your IPHONE. The wallpaper works fine, my questions is, when I pick a ringtone, it sends it to my phone in a text message, then it just plays in quicktime when I click the link. How do I get this to go to my ringtones folder or set it as my ringer?

you need to download them to your pc, then sync the folder with your ringtones with itunes.
i use they have loads of ringtones to download and more games you could need all free.
also a ringtone maker so you can make ringtones from your mp3’s

Information Regarding Sprint Mp3 Ringtones

December 12th, 2011 No comments

There are endless kinds of mobile ringtones which rejuvenate the mobile user as well as the ones around him. You can set any tunes as ringtone for incoming calls or message alerts. There are a number of ringtones such as polyphonic, monophonic, in addition to real tones.

Monophonic ringtones one of the earliest kinds of ringtones while Polyphonic ringtones are more advanced and can make use of 16 different sounds at an instant. On the other hand, the real ringtones resemble to MP3 tones and comprise of real songs and voices.

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Information Regarding Create Sprint Ringtones

December 11th, 2011 No comments

Do you have a different favorite song every day of the week?

If you feel like changing your ringtone as often as you change your clothes, that’s not difficult. You may think it would be time-consuming and troublesome, but it’s really very easy to turn your favorite songs into free ringtones. All you need is a phone that supports mp3 or MIDI files and computer software that can convert audio CDs into digital music.

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Information Regarding Best Ringtones

November 27th, 2011 No comments

Who would have thought that an alert tune would camouflage itself to a lucrative market? Well, folks I am speaking about ringtones – the ringtones that are widely employed in mobile phones all over the world. Ringtones reflect your personality, your personal preferences and sometimes even your lifestyle. If you are looking for that best ringtones so that you can separate yourself from the hordes of others and carve a position for yourself – look no further, just start using some of the best Jason Aldean ringtones. The country singer has sung many hit numbers – most of them are available as ringtones.

Jason ringtones are available in monophonic, polyphonic, real tones (mp3 tones). These ringtones can be used freely once they are transferred to your phone. Popular ringtones of Jason include “She’s Country”, “Big Green Tractor”, “Crazy Town”, “Don’t Give Up On Me” and various others. Always look out for the newest ringtones on the internet or with the “value added service” portal of your mobile phone service provider. Jason Aldean ringtones are one of the most popular terms that are queried by many millions. Free and paid ringtones are available – it is up to you to stick with the feasible niche!

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Information Regarding Iphone Ringtones Itunes 8

November 12th, 2011 No comments

Making your own iPhone ringtone is as simple as a walk in the park. This only works on DRM music files, so songs purchased from iTunes is not compatible to be used as ringtones. This is a common misconception among iPhone users. However, any mp3 which is DRM free will work. So, if you ripped the song from a CD it will most probably work.

Here are steps on how to make your own iPhone ringtones:

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Popular Ringtones Mp3

November 7th, 2011 No comments

With the high demand for ringtones these days there are most organisations and web-sites providing zero cost ringtones. Most many people blindly go to these presents, enter their information and facts and download their preferred ringtone. In spite of this, later they discover that these so-named zero cost ringtones are far from zero cost.

Most of these presents come with fine print that is quite often never ever read. It is only when the bill comes that many people get started to wonder what that fine print honestly mentioned.

Lately I received an present for a zero cost ringtone. It was from a provider that has been providing zero cost ringtones for pretty awhile. When you get to their web-site you are asked to enter you cell telephone quantity, pick out your zero cost ringtone and enter your zodiac sign. It looks like a marvelous deal to most many people. In spite of this, if you scroll to the bottom of the screen and read their terms and conditions you will soon realized it is not such a marvelous deal just after all.

When you submit you cell telephone quantity to get your zero cost ringtone you will be subscribed to their service. The expense of this service is $9.99 per month for the ringtones and $6.99 per month for their horoscope package. All in all, that free ringtone will finish up costing you $16.98! Not such a marvelous deal just after all.

This is not the only provider operating this type of smoke screen present. There are most way more and some charge even greater monthly rates. 1 plan I looked at charged $three.99 per week!

Ringtones are a splendid feature to have on you cell telephone. They let you show your personality and enable you to customize your cell telephone to fit you. In spite of this, be cautious exactly where you order them from and also be tremendously diligent when ordering any zero cost ringtones. Consistently be confident to read the terms and conditions so you know what you are honestly ordering with that zero cost ringtone. Most occasions it will finish up costing you in the lengthy run.