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How to make an iPad Ringtone for FaceTime calls?

April 22nd, 2013 1 comment

I just wanna an easy-to-use Ringtone Maker for iPad, if iPhone ringtones can also be made with the same program, it is couldn’t be better.

This iPhone Ringtone Maker is a smart and cute Ringtones Manager offering an all-in-one iPhone&iPad Ringtone making and converting solution. It can make FaceTime, Calls, Text, Alarm Ringtones for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Besides, it is extremely easy-to-use.

You can Free download this program and have a try.

Can you save songs from the rhapsody app to your computer to avoid deletion?

December 7th, 2012 2 comments

I am thinking of trying out the Rhapsody App on my iPad. My cousin has it and she told me that the only problem is that once you delete the app, all the music you download gets deleted with it- is there any way to save the music files to my computer so if I ever would delete the app, I don’t lose the music? Is that illegal or anything? Do you have the app/like it? Thanks for your help!

Try panda PC SUITE.
PC Suite fully supports mobile phones on the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. As long as you have PC Suite, massive resources are free to access.

you can use pc suite to manage your phone (apps ringtones)

And go to the download page you can find everthing you want.

Sprint Pcs Ringtones

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Announced at the CTIA, the two Samsung Tablet PCs, Samsung Galaxy Tab ten.1 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 present pretty a couple of parallels., the most memorable of all, at 1st peek, is how skinny they each are. To be way more precise, the new Samsung tablets are just .33-inches thick, which honestly areas the .34 -inch iPad in a fewer propice light if you examine the two by their proportions. Samsung reps state in spite of this that the Galaxy Tab ten.1 will ponder 1.31 pounds, when Galaxy Tab 8.9 wont be way more than 1.03 pounds. Corresponding to technical specs, Samsung tablets ten.1 and 8.9 have microSD slots, three.5mm headphone jacks, and SIM slots, even if they will each feature a WiFi version as properly. Some other similarity is in consideration of camera properties, namely a three megapixel shooter with an LED flash on the back and a two megapixel lens on the front.

Thats about it on the exterior. As for interior capabilities, Galaxy Tabs will pack 1GHz dual-core processors — exceptionally probably Tegra two due to the fact all the Honeycomb tablets so far have made use of NVIDIAs silicon, nevertheless this is a pure prediction, not to have been confirmed however. 1 other component we learned about Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is supplied with a 16GB or 32GB storage and a 6000mAH battery, when the ten.1 will be on the market also with both16GB and 32GB and with a 6860mAH cell
Samsung also found the rates of Samsung Galaxy Tab ten.1 WiFi. As expected, the most very affordable Galaxy Tab ten.1 has the similar cost as the least expensive iPad two, when Galaxy Tab 8.9 is beginning from $469. In each situations we are discussing about 16GB with no 3G. Samsungs press release says as properly tablets with 64GB storage but at the moment the Koreans didnt present us rates for these versions.

Bottom line, you could possibly order Samsung Galaxy Tab ten.1 beginning June 8 in US. WiFi model expenses $499 or $599 for 16GB and 32GB respectively and most quite possibly $699 if they are also arranging a 64GB model.

Samsung couldnt speak about an precise release date for Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 but it is estimated early summer time. The cost is $469 for 16GB storage and $569 for 32 GB storage. When once again just about absolutely $669 for its bigest storage capacity.

With these two new tablets on the market place we anticipate Motorola to cut down the cost for Xoom which was initially till at present the exclusively tablet in shops appropriate to penetrate the market place share of iPad.
The anticipated Galaxy Tab ten.1 is at final on the market for pre ordres. Just in Australia for the moment but in US and Europe immediately adequate. It is readily on the market zero cost of charge for a two year contract and off contract rates commence from AU$ 729.

Samsung Galaxy Tab creates a exceptional feeling when made use of, especially given that runs Android three., an operation computer software created exclusively for Tablet PCs and considering its honestly rapid processor. The Android Market place is featuring way more and way more functions at expense-productive rates.
We only hope to order Galaxy Tab with a appropriate cost in Europe or USA.

The choice of Samsung to release their most wanted Tablet PC in Australia is questionable but properly received from Australiens. Anyway, we hope that Many people in the usa and Europeans will take benefit from this gadget as immediately as attainable.

Apple Iphone Ringtones

November 7th, 2011 No comments

When you unlock your iPhone you are in a position to switch to a numerous service provider, while the only 1 that operates with iPhones is T-Mobile, due to the fact they are the only other carrier service that makes use of GSM radio band. GSM is the worlds most widely made use of cell network and competes with CDMA for the highest bandwidth speed. GSM has wider coverage, in particular in international roaming zones and rural places across the globe. In the approach of unlocking your cell telephone you will also be in a position to download lots of zero cost applications, tether to Wi-Fi networks, and overall customize your telephone. Initially you have to jailbreak it.

1.JailbreakMe two.: Initially you have to sync your Apple device with your iTunes. Then open Safari. Go to and slide your finger to start jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. When this is now 100% legal, it does break your warranty.

two.Now What The following are just some of the approaches you can use your jailbroken iPhone. You can download these apps off precise web pages by looking for them web based

-Toggle among WiFi and zero cost up your memory.

-Move conveniently among apps, games and SMS with no interruption.

-When you use AppStore apps, just about every time you want to switch to a thing else, it closes. A jailbroken telephone provides you the capacity to multitask and move from 1 process to a further with higher ease.

-You can pick out tons of apps that Apple has declined, and even build your own!

-iLocalis: if you ever lose your telephone or feel it is stolen, track your iPhone with its built in GPS by signing onto this webpage.

-Bluetooth keyboards: can conveniently attach, producing it a lot easier to take notes if you are a student.

-Music: Switching among a music app and a game, or receiving an e-mail when carrying out a thing else can be a genuine hassle. Preserve the music going when carrying out other activities.


three.Unlock: When the most up-to-date computer software unlock consistently takes a couple of months to create just after the release of a new iPhone, the four, 3GS and 3G can be unlocked with a plan named ultrasn0w.

-Cydia: When you open this app, add to 1 of your couple of sources.

-Install the plan

-Reboot your iPhone!

-Insert your T-Mobile SIM in your iPhone and it should certainly perform on your new carrier.

The positive aspects of an unlocked cellphone are most. You can travel to Europe and use a low-priced calling card rather of paying the insane international fees that your carrier charges. The freedom an unlocked cellphone provides you can also make you way more technologies savvy, as you comprehend the new apps that enable you to break the parameters Apple set (even with the legalization of Jailbreaking, Apple frowns on the approach, and has blocked access for users in its retail shops). So now that you know how, get began, and have enjoyable!