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My coworker has the same iPhone ringtone as I do?

May 21st, 2013 7 comments

As I started a week before him, is he not obligated to change his ringtone so I can retain that which defines me (my iPhone ringtone). I work at Google; I do adwords stuff.

What’s your question?

How to have full version of iPhone ringtone maker? If someone have can you share serial with me?(”,)v?

April 14th, 2013 2 comments

Sorry if you find this pathetic or improper. I just don’t want to buy software for this and now I can’t find way to have full-crack or serials for iPhone ringtone maker. Anyway thanks for those who will reply.;)

Just use iRinger
it is free and does the job properly
search it up on google

What is go-go dancing, how do I go-go dance and what type of music suits it?

April 5th, 2013 2 comments

I have a vague idea that it was a type of dance in the 60s but cant find any music or videos on it anywhere, thank you

Wow. Google lists 313 million hits on that one.

Go-go – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Additionally, musicians from other genres of music have incorporated elements of the go-go aesthetic into their compositions and stage acts. … – 79k – Cached – Similar pages –
GO GO music DC GO-GO bands GOGO clubs – Directory for Go-Go Music …
Jan 29, 2009 … Portal with resources for the DC go-go community, including upcoming shows, band links, club links and weekly gigs.
Bands – UpcomingShows – WeeklyGigs – Clubs – 29k – Cached – Similar pages –
The Go-Go’s Music Online, Music Downloads, Music Videos and Lyrics …
Listen to The Go-Go’s on Rhapsody Online. Full-length songs, albums, downloads, videos, playlists, photos, lyrics, and more. – 104k – Cached – Similar pages –
Go-go music – Listen free at
Listen to Go-Go radio. Free Go-Go mp3 downloads available. Top Go-Go artists: Trouble Funk, Chuck Brown, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, Wale, EU, … – 80k – Cached – Similar pages –
Go-Go’s on MySpace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music …
MySpace Music profile for Go-Go’s. Download Go-Go’s Rock / Pop Punk / Garage music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, … – 119k – Cached – Similar pages –
The Capitol’s Music: Go-Go Music in the D.C. Area by Brittany …
Jan 16, 2008 … Go-Go is the music of D.C, originated in D.C, and only the best in the … Go-Go music was founded in the D.C area in the mid to late 70s. … – Similar pages –
The Beat!: Go-Go Music from Washington, D.C.
The Beat! was the first book to explore the musical, social, and cultural phenomenon of go-go music. In this new edition, updated by a substantial chapter … – 15k – Cached – Similar pages –
Go Go 70s (2008)
Even though Go Go 70s does follow a structure similar to a typical music biopic … Still, Choi makes the music worth caring about. Even though Go Go 70s is … – 27k – Cached – Similar pages –
The Go-Go’s | Music Videos, News, Photos, Tour Dates, Ringtones …
Aug 20, 2002 … Stay current on new The Go-Go’s Music Videos, News, Photos, Ringtones, Tour Dates, Lyrics, and more on – 39k – Cached – Similar pages –
Christmas A Go-go mp3s, Christmas A Go-go music downloads …
Oct 14, 2008 … Download the full Christmas A Go-go album or specific songs. eMusic also has compilations such as greatest hits and rare classic albums. – 67k – Cached – Similar pages –

Where can I find apps and themes for free for my blackberry?

February 21st, 2013 1 comment

I have a blackberry 8310 (curve) and I wanted to know how I can get free applications and themes onto my phone. Thanks for your help

The best way to answer your question is through providing you with blackberry forums. Whereby users provide resources, links, and assistance to other blackberries users. This includes free apps, games, themes, etc. Some things you might have to pay for but most that are mentioned are free. If it cost they will let you know the approx. price. The forums are free such as pinstack, eveek, crackberry, and blueroomsolution. These forums are free and users share information from your beginner to your pro who makes themes and apps.
Has loads of helpful information including a forum where other users provides links or download info to games, apps, themes….many free.
Click the link that says forum to take you to the forum.
Another good forum where I located most of my themes that I use. Basically, the same as the crackberry site in regard to finding resources or asking some one to help you solve a problem issue.
Media for your blackberry in the format that plays on your blackberry without having to worry about converting the media / video.
Ringtone site….you can hear the ringtones before you download them to your computer or send them to your phone. Make sure you have a text and data plan before you send them to your phone since it will be sent via text then you click the link.

I suggest you get an unlimited data and text plan ….assuming you intend to use the internet / obtain emails and send text and multimedia text messages. I did….I have a 200 bill I have to pay since I did not realize it at first then I got it before it escalated and then got the unlimited to solve the problem. Now, no worries but still have to pay that other off.
Make sure you check google for it google phone apps / or mobile apps like the maps / calendar sync etc. Makes life a bit easier.….
Same as the other two forums but not as colorful in regard to their background / appearance. But the same or similiar information and resources can easily be found.

I am registered myself with each of the forums and I tend to like them all…don’t have a particular preference. I do like reading the crackberry website just for general information. It has loads of info.

Now for particular apps….thought you might need that information above first.

If you have 4.5 you should have docs to go which should let you open and read Word, Excel, and Powerpoint docs on your BB.

You should possibly look into these other apps:
News, information, etc.

Opera Mini
Another internet browser for your phone…has more features than the standard browser when you need it like zooming in, etc.

You can also download eveek, pinstack, and crackberry apps on your phone as well. Which will take you to the website.

Hope this helps…on most of the forums you will find a section that states essential apps / or necessary apps or something like that…and it will list the apps as well as the links to them.

Registration to all the ones I mentioned are free. You just have to put general information in it – email address, user name, password, etc. maybe the state you live in if you want. I have had good experiences with these above and it has not resulted in any junk mail. If a box states that you do not want any other communication other than them then click make sure…you only want communication from the forum moderators not any 3rd party stuff /unsolicited advertisements.

(I answered this question prior in another post – thus I thought this would help you within your search).;_ylt=ArwhAvq3RZo.2Q36ZLc.pvLty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090228204610AAB7TE9&show=7#profile-info-tFXVTT8iaa

Can I sync my google calendar with my Android Cruz eReader calendar?

February 9th, 2013 1 comment

I’d like to sync the calendar on my Android Cruz eReader with my Google calendar.

Try panda PC SUITE.
PC Suite fully supports mobile phones on the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. As long as you have PC Suite, massive resources are free to access.

you can use pc suite to manage your phone (apps ringtones)
And go to the download page,I think you can find anything (games&apps) you want. ALL FOR FREE!

Where to find good & silly text message alerts?

February 1st, 2013 1 comment

I want to get a text message ringtone for my phone. Not a regular ringtone with music, but something silly like a funny voice or short phrase that goes off when you get a text message. I really want the one that says "baby girl, you gotta message." It’s in a guy’s voice that kind of sounds like Katt Williams but I can’t find it anywhere…. But what are some good websites that have text alerts like that?

Thx in advance =P

If you are on Verizon, go to their Ringtones section and you should see Katt and other artists you can choose from. If not on Verizon, then try Free and easy searches. For Katt specifically, just search Katt ringtones in Google or whatever search resource you use.Hope this helps.

What is a free mobile document editor for android?

December 31st, 2012 2 comments

I have Android 2.1 Eclair so I cant use the mobile version of google docs.

Try panda PC SUITE.
PC Suite fully supports mobile phones on the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. As long as you have PC Suite, massive resources are free to access.

you can use pc suite to manage your phone (apps ringtones)

And go to the download page,I think you can find anything (games&apps) you want. ALL FOR FREE!

How do i get the music from minecraft as a ringtone on my android?

November 25th, 2012 4 comments

There is a way to access the songs directly from the game.
Search for a folder called .minecraft (the period is important). Then go to resources. In there should be some folders, and in some of them is music from the game. You can copy them, and then probably use some sort of a file format changer, to make the music files the same format as the ones on your phone. You can then just connect the Android to your computer, and then put them into the sounds folder of the Android. You can also put them onto a mircoSD card and then put that into your phone.

Or you could just google minecraft ringtones and download them.

how do i go about getting into the mobile media business?

November 19th, 2012 1 comment

when i say media i mean selling games, wallpapers, ringtones etc to mobile end users? i cannot find many resources apart from the companies who want you to sell for them. but i want to go about it myself so where should i start?

In my opinion, the best thing would be to setup a website, you can either hire a web developer or you can do one yourself. There are a lot of websites hosts that will provide you the domain name.

Once the website is setup, you need to advertise, you can use yahoo, msn, google and other services to publicise your website. You can also spread the word amongst your friends and relatives, they probably might end up being your first customers.

Also, you can make money by displaying relevant ads on your website.

Display the products that you want to sell on your website, and sell them.

There you are, with your own site and selling media business.

Malathi K

p.s. if you need a web developer, you can hire at very resonable rates. just drop in a mail and we will take it from there.

Is it possible to make your own ringtones?

November 15th, 2012 4 comments

Like are ringtones a wav file or is the sound synthesized?
How does one download it then?

You can use software, there are thousands of programs like WavePad, or an online tool where you simply upload the MP3 you want and it will convert to a ringtone:

Also look at resources here: