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How can i create a iphone ringtone with DRM music files?

April 7th, 2013 2 comments

How can i create a iphone ringtone with DRM music files?
is there any simple way to remove the drm protection from the itunes music,and make a iphone ringtone on mac for free ?

You can make a MUSIC cd in iTunes using the DRM music files, then rip the CD back to iTunes – that strips the DRM out of it and then you can use Garage Band or even iTunes to make the ring tone.

What are the pros and cons of Verizons Iphone 4?

November 9th, 2012 1 comment

Can you use music as a ringtone?
What apps are free?(Facebook, Pandora, etc)
Is it really difficult?

1/ yes you can use music as a ringtone. If you have a Mac with iLife you can use garage band to make custom ringtones from MP3 from your itunes library and then import them to iTunes to put on your phone.

2. There are lots of free apps available from Games to productivity Facebook and Pandora are free apps but they use data so make sure you get a data plan that will work for you and you watch your usage to avoid overage.

3. no it is not difficult to use but will take time to get used to when you buy an iPhone 4 you will get 90 Days of free Apple Care phone support to answer any questions you have about the phone any app question you will have to call the app maker to ask but there are resources available online to help you lear your new phone.

4. the only thing about the iPhone 4 on Verizon is that you can not use data and make calls at the same time due to network restrictions. but is all around the same phone as the AT&T version.

Information Regarding Iphone Ringtones Maker

November 16th, 2011 No comments

Most people find it vexing to change their ringtones every time they upgrade their mobile phones. It is usually not possible to get free iPhone ringtones. The sites that advertise these tones for iPhone usually make the visitor download a song and then use the iTunes player to create a ringtone for iPhone. It is easy to create a ringtone for iPhone using iTunes. It is the easiest way to make free ringtones for iPhone.

For creating free iPhone ringtones the things required are an iPhone, iTunes latest version, and mp3 file to make the ringtone from. However there are many iPhone ringtone makers available online like iPhone ringtone creator, iRing, iRinger, Toneshop, imToo, Xilisoft, Garage Band, Fission etc. All these applications can be downloaded from the net. Some of these are free while others have a nominal charge to be paid for downloading. These applications help a person to create free ringtones for iPhone.

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