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Can you please tell me a good website to get free iphone ringtones?

April 13th, 2013 3 comments

Can you please tell me a good website to get free iphone ringtones, all the ones I have tried only allow me to have about 6 seconds of audio play.

Ventones is the best site for free ringtones

When will Apple make iPhone ringtones available in the canaidian iTunes store?

April 11th, 2013 2 comments

The built in iphone ringtones suck :S

just follow the steps in this tutorial . It shows how to get free ringtones for iphones.

ive made all my ringtones this way

Website that has Blackberry or IPhone ringtones for other phones?

April 4th, 2013 1 comment

I have an LG enV and I was wondering if there was a website that had any of the standard Blackberry or Iphone ringtones to download to my phone.

just follow the steps on that site . Ventones shows how to get free ringtones for iphones.

i use it for my iphone 3g all the time

How to make iphone ringtones longer then 30 seconds?

March 17th, 2013 2 comments

Is there any free program to make iphone ringtones that are longer then 30 seconds and also can be synced to the iphone…..i would like to make a 1 minute ringtone

just follow the steps on that site . Ventones shows how to get free ringtones for iphones.

i use it for my iphone 3g all the time

How to make a iphone ringtone that plays for 1 minute or more?

March 15th, 2013 4 comments

How do i make a iphone ringtone that plays for 1 minute or more
I DO NOT wanna make a 30 second ringtone…..i wan to make it 1 minute….is there any free program that allows me to make a 1 minute ringtone

just follow the steps on that site . Ventones shows how to get free ringtones for iphones.

i use it for my iphone 3g all the time

Text Free Ringtones

March 2nd, 2013 3 comments

Here on this website we have got some of the latest ringtones for our users to download on their cell hpone. Telecom boom has with it different innovative means of offering latest forms of amusement. The most ordinary feature, which the users demand is ringtones free download. The ringtone is an alert to incoming call and SMS text. But cell phone service suppliers have been one step ahead to popularize the business and give innovative mobile ringtones to the subscribers. And this has certainly lead to great boost in cell phone business.

At first, when mono ringtones cannot get downloaded straight from Internet and market diffusion was less than what it is now, free ringtones are been passed on to the users through text sms. It’s a very easy type of sending mobile ringtones, particularly as many customers use old mobile handsets. And with popularity of this mark, it has been evolved from the paid service to free add-on characteristic to users.

Procedure for obtaining free ringtones through the text message is extremely simple. Service providers make use of SMS number where any subscriber will send the SMS along with 4 digit code of requested free ringtones. When this SMS is been sent, service supplier forwards ringtone as the text message attachment to user. User then installs that on their handset as well as is free to make use of it since their ringtone. Users can as well forward same SMS to friends. This is just like chain reaction as well as has lead to phenomenal rise in business of cell phone service providers. It remains very popular method of sending mobile ringtones around. However only catch is that user who at first requests tone need to pay for that. But, from there, all others who will get it from original user will get it all for free.


How do i cut music sections out of music i already have?

November 13th, 2012 2 comments

i have music already stored on my computer… i want to cut sections out of the music i have so i can make ringtones out of them. any help would be appreciated.

is the best site i have ever used that gives the best quailty. All the other free sites and programs make the ringtone with a bad quality and a low bit rate. They do this to save hard drive space and resources.
The ones made from ventones are crystal clear

You can tell ventones is definately the most professional site of all of them.

. its completely free and all you do is this Just click where it says CREATE FREE RINGTONES
and follow instructions,

1) upload an mp3 file,
2) make a ringtone out of it, for free,
3) they text it to you
4) if you don’t get the text message,
open your browser, and type in the address of the URL of the ringtone, easy

How do I put my customised ringtones onto my iphone?

October 30th, 2012 2 comments

I made ringtones using songs from my itunes library and synced my iphone but when i went to change my ringtone to one of the customised ringtones there were only the original iphone ringtones to choose from. help!?!?!

just follow the steps on that site . Ventones shows how to get free ringtones for iphones.

i use it for my iphone 3g all the time

The history of the ringtone

October 18th, 2012 5 comments

It started with the Nokia Tune, which is a 13 note rendering of
Francisco Tarrega’s, Gran Vals, who was a 19th-century Spanish

The first ringtones were monophonic, which mean that only one
note is played at a time.

Some of the early cell phone models, had a built in ringtone
composer. To compose free ringtones directly to the phone or to
make them with a ringtone composer, never became a big hit. The
year 2002 is a major milestone in ringtone history. Nokia 3510
was the first phone optimized for playing polyphonic ringtones.
Soon other cell phone companies also adopted the MIDI standard
that enables more realistic polyphonic sounds for ringtones.

The year 2003 was the actual breakthrough for polyphonic
ringtones. Cell phone makers, operators and content providers
also came up with new concepts and ringtone formats. Motorola
introduced Groovetunes and Nokia introduced Nokia True Tones.
Ringtone web sites also started to offer voice ringtones with
voices of celebrities as ringtones.

Today, with phones like The Sony Ericsson W800, Nokia N91 and
MOtorolas iTunes phone, we could be facing a new milestone in
the ringtone history. Polyphonic ringtones still rock, but as
you can see from the short history presented above, things
change. Today the internet is full of MP3 music, both legal and
illegal, and you can use Bluetooth to transfer music files from
a PC to your cell phone.

More about ringtones</a

Nicolas Fogelholm

Free Ringtone – Are They For Real?

September 25th, 2012 4 comments

When you are standing in a crowd, you will get mystified with all the ringtones that you will hear. People can’t seem to get away with these ringtones. What is it in these ringtones that people are driven mad about it? Well, a good reason why a person who possess a cell phone will have plenty of ringtones because they can get it for free. S

Since they are paying for nothing, they will always think of getting as much as they can or the whole of it. Some people want hundreds of ringtones stored on their phone. How can they possibly pay attention to all the ringtones that they have?

While some businesses sell ringtones, people will always have the thought of “why would I buy when I can get it for free?” when you are fond of searching in the Internet, you will notice that ads for ringtones have increased amazingly in just a wink of an eye.

A lot of people are even putting up their own websites to get profit from it. Most of the people who do these are the ones who have been crazy about ringtones. You will always encounter an ad that tells “free ringtone’, but are you sure that it’s really for free?

Some of the free ringtone websites can be quite tricky. Some will point to other websites that will require you to download with a certain payment. Some do this to increase traffic to their website but in fact, they are wasting your time especially if you have high hopes of getting the newest and free ringtone.

Why can’t people be contented with just the beep of the cell phones that they crave for these free ringtone? If you will make your search for free ringtone, you will often ask which site will really offer you with a free ringtone and will allow you to download it successfully.

You need to be careful and observant because some of the sites are just fooling around and it is too late before you realize that you have spent some of your dollars over these free ringtones that they claim. It has been found out that the search for free ringtones in the Internet have increased over other keyword searches.

Imagine the number of people who are catching the chance to get free ringtones for their cell phones. If you want to make sure with your search, you can search in Google and type in the song that you want to look for. This search engine will display about 5,000 or more results and hopefully, you might end up with one that can give it to you for free.

It’s surely worth the patience and try. The best way to get a free ringtone is by asking your friends to share their ringtones to you. You can ask them to send it to your phone with the use of devices such as Bluetooth or Infrared. You can also get the notes of the song from the cell phone’s composer.

You might be lucky if you have found your favorite song on your friend’s phone. If you intend to look for free ringtones, make sure that you don’t get deceived because you will just waste your time and effort to nothing.

Low Jeremy