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How do I get rid of contacts on my android?

January 30th, 2013 1 comment

I have an Android Optimus. It said that I can’t delete them because they are a read only file. They aren’t under my contacts when I look at them like that but when I go to add a ring tone to someone it still shows the entire list of people from my gmail and phone numbers that I deleted….

Try panda PC SUITE.
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How to clear android contacts of emails?

January 26th, 2013 No comments

I have a lot of contacts that are just emails ans I only want contacts of people whose phone numbers I have. How do I do that?

How do I transfer phone contacts from Android Phone, to a Windows phone?

January 10th, 2013 No comments

I cant figure out how to get my android phone contacts to a gmail account, nor how to get those new gmail phone contacts to a windows phone. Please Help me.

A Blackberry 8310 for the Business Man

May 10th, 2012 13 comments

In the world of mobile phones the choice is really up to you. Your choice depends on if you text a lot, email a lot, or if you just want a mobile with you in case. Something about the fact that you have a mobile in your purse or pocket can make you feel safe and secure wherever you have to go.

When a person chooses a Blackberry phone you will be amazed at what these phones can do. A Blackberry phone is the perfect phone to use if you are in business for yourself, if your job depends on constant contact. The keypad on a Blackberry is designed to make it easier for you to type your message or email your customers or clients anytime you want to. Staying in contact with your customers or clients is not just important it is what may be the difference between a future income and no income at all.

The BlackBerry 8310 is the mobile phone for you to help you keep in contact with your clients and contacts along the way. Go out to dinner with your family and still keep business running smooth and let your customers know that you are there for them while you are still there for your family. Before purchasing this mobile phone you will want to search for a BlackBerry 8310 review online to see what other consumers who purchased this mobile are saying. Most consumers are honest with their comments online because they have nothing to lose by stating how they feel. Mobile phone reviews can be found by doing a simple Google search online. A BlackBerry 8310 review is the perfect way to find out if this mobile is the perfect mobile for you or not.

A BlackBerry 8310 has other great features such as a camera, a GPS navigation system, WiFi, easily accessible keypad, or you can enjoy music while you wait on a client to call you back by using your media player. The BlackBerry 8310 also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a slot for a memory card so you can store extra pictures or music in case you are on a long trip or vacation. When you are running your own business it’s hard to take the time to download those pictures you took during your recent trip and that is where a memory card will come in very handy.

Other things you can put to use on your BlackBerry 8310 includes a memo recorder to help you record yourself personal notes, voice dialing so you can communicate while on the go, and a personal organizer to help you manage your day. You can choose from several personalized ringtones include MP3 ringtones that can be downloaded to your BlackBerry 8310. If you’re with a client when the phone rings you can choose to have vibration alert on so you don’t interrupt anyone. Everyone deserves your full attention and a BlackBerry 8310 can make that possible. There are several mobile phone deals that offer the BlackBerry 8310 and if you are in business for yourself this may be the right phone for you.

Caroline Telford