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How to make a iPhone Ringtone from any video/audio files?

April 10th, 2013 2 comments

How to make a iPhone Ringtone from any video/audio files?

i use the Ventones website all the time for my new Iphone 3g,
and the problem is that you are doing it wrong.

you can’t send the ringtone to your phone because you can’t save it that way on the Iphones.

You need to create a special ringtone file and then download it to your computer and then transfer it to itunes and sync your iphone

this is what you need to do

1) upload your mp3 file and create your ringtone on Ventones

2) when done, press the blue button that says
[Click here for your Iphone Ringtone]

3) Wait a second and then you will see a link.
right click on that link and download that file to your computer
That will be your Iphone ringtone. It will end in .m4r format, not mp3. If it ends in mp3, you did it wrong.

4) Open up your Itunes program. Drag and drop the ringtone that you downloaded from ventones to your itunes program.

5) Connect your iphone to itunes and your ringtone will transfer to your iphone

Website that has Blackberry or IPhone ringtones for other phones?

April 4th, 2013 1 comment

I have an LG enV and I was wondering if there was a website that had any of the standard Blackberry or Iphone ringtones to download to my phone.

just follow the steps on that site . Ventones shows how to get free ringtones for iphones.

i use it for my iphone 3g all the time

How to make iphone ringtones longer then 30 seconds?

March 17th, 2013 2 comments

Is there any free program to make iphone ringtones that are longer then 30 seconds and also can be synced to the iphone…..i would like to make a 1 minute ringtone

just follow the steps on that site . Ventones shows how to get free ringtones for iphones.

i use it for my iphone 3g all the time

How to make a iphone ringtone that plays for 1 minute or more?

March 15th, 2013 4 comments

How do i make a iphone ringtone that plays for 1 minute or more
I DO NOT wanna make a 30 second ringtone…..i wan to make it 1 minute….is there any free program that allows me to make a 1 minute ringtone

just follow the steps on that site . Ventones shows how to get free ringtones for iphones.

i use it for my iphone 3g all the time

How to create custom ringtones for iphone 3GS?

November 3rd, 2012 2 comments

I tried the same procedure that’s used for iphone 3g. encode file to AAC, rename to .m4r. And it’s just 11 seconds. The ringtone even shows up in my iphone ringtones section in itunes! But after syncing it, it just does not show up on my phone. There’s no custom ringtone section created. It’s frustrating! Is there a different procedure for 3GS?

100% FREE. This is how it works.

1) upload an mp3 file or an image file
2) crop it online with their free step by step page
3) they text it to your phone or you can download the file


How do I put my customised ringtones onto my iphone?

October 30th, 2012 2 comments

I made ringtones using songs from my itunes library and synced my iphone but when i went to change my ringtone to one of the customised ringtones there were only the original iphone ringtones to choose from. help!?!?!

just follow the steps on that site . Ventones shows how to get free ringtones for iphones.

i use it for my iphone 3g all the time

Benefits of 3g Iphone Unlock Tool Kit

May 21st, 2012 2 comments

If you are ever in search of a iphone unlock that is easy to use and efficiently unlock your iphone, then there are models of unlocking tools such as unlock 3g iphone in the online websites available on the world wide web. The unlock 3g iphone tools that are offered in the online websites are capable of unlocking any iphone model and also gives lot of free stuff that can be used to unlock 3g iphone in every purchase.

The 3g iphone is for sure a most-in-demand iphone in the targeted users. With the iphones gaining more and more popularity with every passing day, the unlocking tools are also becoming a most-in-demand thing. The best way to make the unlocking of the iphone easier and fast is to opt for an unlock 3g iphone tool kit available in the online websites. The unlocking tool available in the online websites is the best and easiest solution available to for iphone 3g unlock.

The buyers who opt for the iphone 3g unlock tool offered on the online websites must take special care of the precautions that are prescribed by the service providers of the iphone 3g unlock tool kit such as they must not buy any other unlocking software or simcard so as to judge the iphone 3g unlock tool kit first. The most alluring feature of the iphone sim card unlock tool kit is that it comprise of an unmatchable turbo sim card to the buyers so as to make you unlock any version of 3g iphone.

The 3g iphone unlock tool kit offered by the online websites available on the World Wide Web works under no network conditions as well and accomplishes the unlocking task with cent percent efficiency. With the 3g iphone unlock tool kit , the users are required to simply place the network card with the super sim card of the unlocking tool then gently glide in the simtray and get the iphone unlocked. So this is how 3g iphone unlock tool works.

The iphone sim card unlock tool kit is designed exclusively to unlock 3g iphone. With the iphone sim card unlock tool kit, the users are not required to cut the network card thereby availing super signal restore and solving signal problems. The users are given shipping facility of the unlock iphone 3g tool kit by the online websites available on the internet where they deliver the unlock iphone 3g tool kit via airmail or UPS, DHL to the buyer’s place.

The best feature of this super turbo SIM card is that with this buyers are free of any jail break or firmware modification. So if you want an unlocking tool that is easy to use and gives quality iphone unlocking services than your search ends at the 3g iphone unlocking tools offered by the websites on the World Wide Web. The buyers are given money back guarantee if the unlock iphone 3g tool kit won’t reach them in time span of a week from the date of online purchase. The buyers are given free iphone wallpapers and ringtones with the online 3g iphone unlock tool kit. So hurry up and book your 3g iphone unlocking tool kit today.

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Sprint Pcs Ringtones

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Announced at the CTIA, the two Samsung Tablet PCs, Samsung Galaxy Tab ten.1 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 present pretty a couple of parallels., the most memorable of all, at 1st peek, is how skinny they each are. To be way more precise, the new Samsung tablets are just .33-inches thick, which honestly areas the .34 -inch iPad in a fewer propice light if you examine the two by their proportions. Samsung reps state in spite of this that the Galaxy Tab ten.1 will ponder 1.31 pounds, when Galaxy Tab 8.9 wont be way more than 1.03 pounds. Corresponding to technical specs, Samsung tablets ten.1 and 8.9 have microSD slots, three.5mm headphone jacks, and SIM slots, even if they will each feature a WiFi version as properly. Some other similarity is in consideration of camera properties, namely a three megapixel shooter with an LED flash on the back and a two megapixel lens on the front.

Thats about it on the exterior. As for interior capabilities, Galaxy Tabs will pack 1GHz dual-core processors — exceptionally probably Tegra two due to the fact all the Honeycomb tablets so far have made use of NVIDIAs silicon, nevertheless this is a pure prediction, not to have been confirmed however. 1 other component we learned about Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is supplied with a 16GB or 32GB storage and a 6000mAH battery, when the ten.1 will be on the market also with both16GB and 32GB and with a 6860mAH cell
Samsung also found the rates of Samsung Galaxy Tab ten.1 WiFi. As expected, the most very affordable Galaxy Tab ten.1 has the similar cost as the least expensive iPad two, when Galaxy Tab 8.9 is beginning from $469. In each situations we are discussing about 16GB with no 3G. Samsungs press release says as properly tablets with 64GB storage but at the moment the Koreans didnt present us rates for these versions.

Bottom line, you could possibly order Samsung Galaxy Tab ten.1 beginning June 8 in US. WiFi model expenses $499 or $599 for 16GB and 32GB respectively and most quite possibly $699 if they are also arranging a 64GB model.

Samsung couldnt speak about an precise release date for Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 but it is estimated early summer time. The cost is $469 for 16GB storage and $569 for 32 GB storage. When once again just about absolutely $669 for its bigest storage capacity.

With these two new tablets on the market place we anticipate Motorola to cut down the cost for Xoom which was initially till at present the exclusively tablet in shops appropriate to penetrate the market place share of iPad.
The anticipated Galaxy Tab ten.1 is at final on the market for pre ordres. Just in Australia for the moment but in US and Europe immediately adequate. It is readily on the market zero cost of charge for a two year contract and off contract rates commence from AU$ 729.

Samsung Galaxy Tab creates a exceptional feeling when made use of, especially given that runs Android three., an operation computer software created exclusively for Tablet PCs and considering its honestly rapid processor. The Android Market place is featuring way more and way more functions at expense-productive rates.
We only hope to order Galaxy Tab with a appropriate cost in Europe or USA.

The choice of Samsung to release their most wanted Tablet PC in Australia is questionable but properly received from Australiens. Anyway, we hope that Many people in the usa and Europeans will take benefit from this gadget as immediately as attainable.

Iphone Ringtones Itunes

November 7th, 2011 No comments

These are enormous numbers for smartphones item sales.

The greatest way to shop about for a smartphone is firstly, to pick a carrier with adequate protection and a cost program that matches your specifications. Nevertheless, if you are going to start with to pick the perfect smartphone, you have to commence by deciding on its operating strategy (OS).

Perfect now, you have 5 Operating Approaches (in the United States):

    The levels of competition amongst a wide variety of brands can also be regarded to be the important force behind the inspiration to arrive up with new tips of technological innovation in forthcoming handsets. This hottest mobile telephone of Blackberry is 1 of the slimmest andamp appropriately developed handset for which most of the shoppers desires to avail it in the starting of this year. 1.andnbsp512Mhz Processor for Speedier Speed
    two.andnbsp2 mega-pixels Camera
    3. Bluetooth, HSDPA, 3G
    four. It is the requirement of their provider to move from 1 spot to a further in acquire to provide flexibility to the perform. Just about every certain individual loves to excel in his or her occupation. And this desires a connection with the outer globe. To give active participation of this ever ahead of-escalating provider globe, businessmen like to carry handset with impressive appears to be and sophisticated capabilities. A lot of laborious producers present in the sector location with an adequate of handsets to allure further n far way more prospects of just about every class. The properly-identified bold, pearl and storm sequence of Blackberry are embellished with the colour LCD screens with Wi-Fi and 3G Know-how with Bluetooth attributes.

    Blackberry 9630 Tour is a power packed technique that presents a terrific mix of organization characteristics and superb entertainment prospective shoppers, in addition to satisfying the rather simple communication calls for of all the many people at present. The video clip recording amenities in WMV, H263, H264 and MPEG4 in addition add to the utility the technique. The speakers in the cellular telephone let the shoppers to delight in loud new music when they are in no work mode, and a wide variety of ringtones can be heard in variegated formats with a precise aspect that synchronizes the cellphone with the iTunes.

    The utility of the telephone can get enhanced further by the marvelous pace connectivity created on the market by the cell telephone due to the truth of the 3G HSDPA know-how. In addition this the high velocity information transfer facility supplied by EDGE and GPRS engineering makes confident that perform gets pushed in the appropriate path, in acquire to get it achieved promptly. The BlackBerry 9630 Tour Agreement cellular cellphone specials further way more make it attainable for you to get this telephone at considerably much less highly-priced rates. Blackberry cellular cell telephone consists of all the necessary solutions in a handset like valuable display, excellent digital camera and connectivity characteristics that make it a honestly exceptionally high quality blend. Blackberry cellular bargains have performed a terrific present of superior for the brand to make it preferred among folks.

    This time is a exceptionally high quality time to get your hands on low-expense Blackberry phones as the cellular sector is on the verge of advancement with new handsets whose high quality item sales will help to reward them with a prestigious status. Finish users can go for on the net shopping for for Blackberry cell telephone discounts in the existing market place as it enable you examine a wide variety of possibilities of specials.