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When Your Cell Phone Becomes a Rescuer, Spyware and More

Cell phones are connecting the world blah blah… We all know that, don’t we? But compared to its older sister, the landline phones and other older forms of communication, the cell phone has brought in a lot of benefits, which have largely gone unnoticed. Let’s give an ode to our lovely teeny-weeny phones and acknowledge some of the best traits of cell phone technology in our lives.

Escape from a boring conversation – Got stuck in a boring party and mindless conversation discussing global warming and new farming techniques. Grab your cell phone, play your ringtone, pretend to have gotten an important call, mutter “Excuse me, gotta go” and lo you are free.

Goodbye creditors – Is it a call from a friend who wants to borrow some money from you, or your credit card issuer asking you when you can pay back the dues? “Hello….Hello….i cannot hear you….the signal is poor here”….plunk. Press ‘End call’. Thank God cell phones suffer from poor signal at times, unlike landline phones.

Flaunt your cell phone – This is obviously something that you could not have done with your landline phones even if you wanted to. Make sure you download ringtones for your iPhone or blackberry. When surrounded by inquisitive colleagues or a in a party that you are trying to impress, ask your friend to give you a call. Flash your new gizmo in style. After all cell phones are the only things that men compare about who has got the smallest one.

Spy on your guy – Think your partner is seeing someone else? Many service providers offer cell phones family plans specifically for partners. Get one for you both and find out to whom your partner is making and receiving calls.

Exchange text messages in class – Planning a weekend pajama party or deciding on a baseball team in school. What are the boring Math and Physics lectures for, if not for exchanging text messages with friends in class rooms on important issues as these? There are special cell phone plans for students and others who text a lot more than making calls. You can also download games for mobile from the internet. And to avoid getting caught, use the mosquito buzz or teen buzz that your teacher can never hear.

Lose phone numbers that you want to lose – Want to avoid an irritating old classmate or a pesky neighbor. Just stop taking their calls. In case you bump into them in parking lots and neighborhood stores and they complain of you not taking their calls, have a ready response, “Oh dear, my cell phone plans have changed and I have moved to a new plan. I lost all my old contacts. How are you doing these days?”

Let me end this with a disclaimer. If there is a disgruntled reader, then for your information, “the author of this post is temporarily not available. Please try again later”.


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