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TV Ringtone Is Getting Famous

Did you ever wonder why people go crazy over personalizing their ringtones? Everyone is enjoying the vast spreading of these ringtones because they are able to personalize their own phones which they think best suits their personality.

The personalized ringtones can be heard everywhere and sometimes, it’s easy to distinguish the tune that is playing because they are inspired with the most famous songs that we have today. Some people even have TV ringtone on their phones and usually, it is from their favorite TV show that they get to watch everyday.

For funny people, they will surely have a funny ringtone which they have seen in comedy shows and films. Some will even have the hilarious lines of comedy actors in the comedy shows which give you an idea about their personality. If a person is quite emotional and romantic, she will definitely have a TV ringtone from her favorite soap opera or TV series.

You might wonder how these people have come up with these ringtones. These ringtones can be found even in the exact TV show that is playing. There will be some ads that will show how you can download the TV ringtone. Some will offer it for free while some will require you to download.

This kind of business continuously grows because the people are very well entertained with it. They feel happy upon hearing the TV ringtone and feel as if they were watching the show. This also gives laughter to people especially when the cell phone rings and the TV ringtone plays.

Generation has grown up amazingly and television shows have been an invariable companion in our daliy lives with our family or loved ones. People have associated the TV ringtone with their cell phones to show their likes and amusement. The growth of the TV ringtone has been an explainable phenomenon for families and friends.

They will normally talk about TV shows and when they hear TV ringtone, they will surely be reminded of it and start the conversation. This also gathers the attention of a crowd. You will notice that when your cell phone rings, people will usually turn their heads back and forth to look for the person who has that TV ringtone.

Some might even ask you where you got it and how they can have it. If your child loves Looney Toons and watch it almost everyday, you can set your ringtone to Looney Toons and when he hears it, it will surely bring laughter. This can be a good way to keep in touch with your family and bring joy to them.

If you know of a person who has a famous TV ringtone, you can ask him to send it to your cell phone through the computer or the infrared so that you can instantly have it in your cell phone. This is also a way of patronizing your favorite TV show to other people.

The more TV ringtones you have, the more people will want to have it on their phones and it will also cause them to watch the TV show which the TV ringtone is playing. Another reason why people want TV ringtones on their phone is because they want to be reminded that they shouldn’t miss the favorite TV show to make their day happy.

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  1. Tmack
    May 21st, 2012 at 03:39 | #1

    Looking for the famous cantonese ringtone?
    Hey, i looked everywhere and cant seem to find the ringtone that says something like: "your dads looking for you, your moms looking for you…etc". PLEASE someone tell me where i can get it or send it to me? please and thanks

  2. Wa Lao
    May 21st, 2012 at 08:41 | #2

    Give your email address, I’ll email you.
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