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Brightening Up Your Life With A New Ringtone

This is the time of year that people begin to think of ways to dress up the old and make it new again. One of the ways you may choose to add some spice to your life life is by adding a new ringtone or two to the options saved on your cell phone.

Of course, just about every service provider does make sure your cell phone is equipped with six or seven generic style rings. If you are more of a purist, you may be able to add some zing in your day by simply changing your current cell phone jingle for another one that came with the phone. For the more adventurous types, here are some suggestions of ways to come up with something new and different to hear when someone gives you a call.

One of the first place to look for a new ringtone is through your service provider. Often, they can provide you with instructions on how to access a cache of different ringtones, pick some that you like, and download them to your phone quickly. Some of the tones may be free, while others may have a charge associated with the download, so make sure you know which is which before you get too attached to any one of the ringtones.

If your service provider doesn’t have anything on hand that you like, then take to the Internet. These days, there are all sorts of ringtones available at many sites. Some of these sites will require that you join a club and pay a fee, but these often provide you with unlimited downloads. Before you whip out your credit card, make sure the site has ringtones that are compatible with your service and your phone type. Having service through Sprint and holding membership in a ringtone club that caters to Cingular customers will not do anything for you.

In addition to making sure the files themselves are compatible with your service and equipment, you may want to sample the type of ringtones that are offered at the site. You may be looking for a ringtone that is simply a section of your favorite hard rock song from your teenage years. That is great, unless the site you have joined offers you the very best in classical music ringtones. Again, don’t pay for something you don’t really want. Do some careful checking before you buy anything.

Don’t be surprised if you find exactly what you’ve been looking for on one of the many free ringtone sites that have sprung up the last few years. Some of them do a great job at creating ringtones from the sound bytes of music that is now in the public domain, or utilizing sound bytes that are so close to your favorite songs that you can barely tell the difference. You can spend hours perusing these free ringtones, as they cover just about every music type you can imagine.

A new ringtone is a nice way to start fresh. Take a look around; the right one may be just a few clicks away.

Craig Thornburrow

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