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Setting Your Own Style When You Download Ringtones

Today’s cell phones are made to allow each of us to be individualists. We can pick a number of styles and have the phones configured to do all sorts of things, from capturing digital images to accessing our email. And when it comes to selecting a ringtone, the choices are limited only by our imaginations. If you have in mind to download ringtones, here are a few ideas to help you select ones that fit your personality.

One of the first things to do consider before you begin to download ringtones is your personality. Are you a serious minded individual? Perhaps a blast of serious music, such as an overture from a classical piece, would make a good ringtone for you. Maybe you are a party animal. If that is the case, a ringtone that has a strong dance beat might be just the ticket. For someone who is very mellow and laid back, something akin to a folk tune set to guitar might make the perfect ring tone for you. If you are no-nonsense, business oriented type of individual, then you can probably skip the download altogether. Chances are one of the basic ringtones that come with most cell phones will work just fine for you.

Next, think about your interests. Do you enjoy classic rock and roll? There are ringtone out there that capture snipped of everything from Janis Joplin to Bad Company. Can you imagine having your phone sound a yell from Joplin when someone is calling?

Perhaps you get a kick out of disco. There are many ringtones that carry the disco beat, as well as snippets from hits by major artists of the era. Even if you are into contemporary music, you can often find ringtones that will demonstrate your love and devotion to a current performer.

When you download ringtones, don’t forget that the sounds of nature are available as well. If the idea of a waterfall cascading or thunder rolling each time you get a call is appealing, rest assured those ringtones are out there and waiting for you to grab them.

Perhaps you are the dramatic type, loving anything to do with the stage. Ringtones that feature Broadway tunes can be found through a number of different vendors. You might be surprised how easy it is to locate and download ringtones that feature material from both current and past Broadway hits. From the works of Moss Hart all the way through today’s big plays, the ringtones are available.

When it comes to deciding to download ringtones, there are so many choices out there that you may feel somewhat overwhelmed. Don’t let the sheer volume of available tones get to you. Narrow down the list by looking to your own personality, likes, and lifestyle. That should make the list of potential choices much more workable. And, if a year from now, you see the world much differently, there is no need to be stuck with a ringtone that no longer fits. Simply go out and find a few more that go with your newfound philosophy.

Craig Thornburrow

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