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Information Regarding Totally Free Ringtones For Cell Phones

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You know when your mobile rings, but you want to make it more pleasurable and personalized. So what do you do? Get a ringtone. Today, the ringtone market has grown tenfold, thanks to technology joining hands with creativity. With the entry of monophonic and polyphonic ringtones and with newer handsets coming out, downloading and sharing ringtones has become very popular. Early on, most of the service providers charged their customers for ringtones, and this soon became a great revenue generator. Of course, cell phone users would rather have free ringtones than pay for them!

Today, free ringtone downloading has become a norm and service providers have accepted it, and changed their strategy a bit. Now, many totally free ringtones work as indirect marketing products. Many portals and Web sites provide a host of totally free content. Totally free ringtones involve almost all types of ringtones that a user could possibly want. These include MIDI and MP3 formats, and even software-generated tones. Most of the Web sites that provide free downloads come with a catch. But totally free ringtones include no catches and no signups. However, some of these free ringtones are only available to be used for a limited period. However, there are a lot of freelance authors who compose various types of ringtones and upload them on the net so that people can download them free of cost.

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