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Cell Phone With Designer Flair For The Hard To Please On Your Holiday List

Cell phones have evolved in both style and functionality… Now, a new trend that is catching on in the mobile phone industry, is about much more than functionality, it’s about phone styles represented by some famous icons and designers.

The new trend is toward the hottest cell phone from designers. So, whether it’s the tripled layered 24 karat gold, James Bond, mobile phone; or the Samsung Versace phone that’s targeted to women, that counts calories, has a biorhythm clock and has a height and weight ratio calculator; these phones aim to please.

One of the first choice in a designer phone is the triple layered 24 karat gold, James Bond, mobile phone.

The James Bond cell phone is a great phone for any 007 wannabe on your holiday list. This phone features go beyond the triple layered 24 karat gold slider face with an added mobile wallet and streaming video… This is one of the most richest phones available.

The next cell phone choice, especially, for that hard to please woman on your holiday list is the Samsung Versace phone.

The Samsung Versace phone has a preinstalled pink schedule, “shopping life” organizational feature along with polyphonic. This is a mobile phone sure to please any woman on your hard to shop for holiday list.

Another cell phone that exudes style is the Aston Martin.

The Aston Martin mobile phone features a stainless steel body, 3D image engineer for enhanced graphics, along with predictive text input with “supports” for all major languages. This Aston Martin will have you sending a text message to your friends in a multitude of languages, keeping all language characters in place.

The Aston Martin with its 3D graphics and UI themes work perfectly, along with the award winning composer, Ryiuch Sakamo, composed ringtones.

Also on the list of must have designer cell phones is the Dolce and Gabanna phone.

Dolce and Gabanna are known as a supreme fashion icon and the introduction of their designer phone only adds more positively to their on the mark taste in style.

The Dolce and Gabanna phone features gold casing on its “Limited Edition Liquid Gold” mobile phone. The other great features are its special Dolce and Gabanna backgrounds and specialized ringtones. This is surely a cell phone to please.

You can’t go wrong with the Sharp 903, which features a clam shell design, 3.2 Mega Pixel Lens with optical zoom ability (2X).

The Sharp 903 is a cell phone that will surely entertain, with its mobile TV and video telephony feature. This is a phone that’s sleek, smart and moves forward with the 21st century.

So, the choices for those on your hard to shop for holiday list…just got a lot easier with the variety of sleek, designer cell phones, ranging from gold layered to mobile entertainment on the move.

Ven Wheatley

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