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Blackberry Pearl: Excellent Design. Adorable Features

The most anticipated Blackberry Pearl is now in the market with some added features including a camera and music/ video players. The handset looks very attractive with a small navigation key that looks like a pearl. The phone is more slimmer and narrower than the RAZR and looks like a candy bar in design. This slim phone slips easily into the pocket.

Research in Motion (RIM) has really taken a big decision in launching a handset that are quite different from its previous phones. The phone design as well as the features have been significantly modified and the new look of the Blackberry Pearl has much been appreciated from the users end.

Screen resolution of the phone is quite good just like the BlackBerry 7105T. As far as keypad design is concerned, the Pearl has used RIM’s hybrid SureType keypad – with two letters on each key and also relies on predictive text. Though, typing texts is not that much comfortable as one can enjoy on the Nokia E62, but its not that much stressing. Another major changes that users can find in addition to camera and music is a microSD card slot. The handset also has a 64MB of onboard memory for downloading songs and images.

The Blackberry Pearl supports Bluetooth headset for calls and not for music. The handset also supports voice dialing, which is another unique feature for this phone; users can also use their own MP3’s as ringtones. Battery life of the phone is good at about 8 hours 30 minutes.

The handset comes with a high quality camera, video and music players. As far as camera resolution is concerned, the camera phone is only 1.3 mega-pixel and a low power flash, but the picture quality is quite good. Music player on the other hand, supports several music file formats including MP3 and AAC. Video quality is also very excellent and with full screen mode, users can enjoy viewing videos on the move.

The BlackBerry Pearl is more advanced unlike other BlackBerry phones. Try it and see the difference.

Blackberry Pearl

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