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Getting the Ring Tones That are Popular Today

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that ring tones have taken the world by storm. Everyone wants to express their personality by customizing their mobile phone with the hottest ring tones. So what are the newest ring tones that everyone seems to want?

One way of finding out is to look at search engine tools to see what people are searching for. The popular searches related to ring tones will reveal to us which artists or songs or sounds are most in vogue.

One popular keyword tool is Wordtracker. Doing a search for ringtones on Wordtracker reveals that most people look for a big set of ringtones rather than just for one artist. The variety of musical options available to people has grown dramatically in recent years, so it is no surprise that people want to have a large variety from which to choose.

But by examining more data, we discover a few specific facts about what ring tones are hot. It is perfectly understandable that over Christmas time, Christmas ring tones are very popular. This is of course just a temporary factor. A somewhat more surprising concept is that people want to listen to ringtones from popular television series. The TV series 24 is very popular in the United States and many people look for 24 ringtones. These are also called CTU ring tones, where CTU stands for Counter Terrorism Unit – the fictional government counterterrorism agency in the series. Ringtones from the show American Idol are also very popular right now.

People also seek out funny ring tone sounds. The mosquito sound and the barking dog sound are both very popular right now. Some people look for irritating ring tone sounds like a high pitch tone. Perhaps they want to put this ring tone secretly onto the phone of a friend for a practical joke?

When it comes to individual musicians, both recent and established musicians are well represented. Justin Timberlake, Van Halen, Metallica, 50 Cent, and a wide variety of other acts have plenty of ringtones out there.

Even video games are getting contributing ringtones. Many people look for ring tones from games like Final Fantasy, Halo, and Super Mario. Some movies are also well represented. Ringtones from The Godfather always show up among the top searches for ring tones.

So where are online shoppers going to get their ring tones? There are some companies that provide software tools that allow you to create your own ringtones from your own set of CDs or MP3 files. But for people who are not willing to spend time making their own ringtones, there are other services that give you unlimited ringtone downloads for a one-time fee. These services tend to be much less expensive than those services that deceptively advertise free ringtones but really just sign you up for an expensive monthly service plan. So it usually makes lots of sense to research ringtone deals fairly extensively before jumping in.

But one thing is clear – ring tones are here to stay, with plenty of variety to keep everyone happy! So why not show your individuality by customizingpersonalizing your mobile phone with your own set of ring tones!

Marc Ilgen

  1. Jill
    May 10th, 2012 at 04:37 | #1

    What do you think of the start of my story/?
    I came up with the idea for this while i was at work. Can somebody tell me what they think. Sorry its a bit long i don’t know how to upload.

    Today is July 2nd 2008 and this is the worst day of my life. I thought that the day that my husband died was going to be the worst, but this beats it easily.
    My name is Cherie Kilburne. Actually it’s only Raelene Kilburne, but when I got my first part in a movie my agent suggested a simpler, prettier name, so Raelene became Cherie. Yeah, I’m an actress; one of the most popular actually, I was voted the third sexiest woman behind Scarlet Johansson and Angelina Jolie. Two days after scoring my first supporting role in “Minchibury” my boyfriend Rhys Gunter asked me to marry him. I was twenty-one, getting married, had a starring role in a fantastic movie it was one of the best times of my life.
    Five years later, Rhys and I had been trying to have children; I had been in three movies, one was a dunce, but the others weren’t too bad, I even got nominated for an Oscar. Rhys was working as electrician on various sets. I never took Rhys’ last name; the agent thought Gunter was to ‘ugly’ of a last name for a rising star. I got another agent a few months later, but Rhys said to not take his name as he agreed about it being ‘ugly’.
    Four days ago I scored a new role as a supporting actress alongside Nicole Kidman, I was thrilled. I went to call Rhys to tell him the news, when he wouldn’t answer his phone. This was odd for Rhys, he always answered his phone, he had one of those personalised ring tones for when I called him. So I called Ray his boss, to find out where he was.
    “Hey Ray. It’s Cherie, do you know where Rhys is.”
    “Umm. Cherie sit down.” Said Ray quietly
    “Ray, what’s wrong?” I asked with a sense of urgency.
    “Just sit down.”
    “I’m sitting down Ray. Just tell me what’s wrong?” I said urgently pacing across the room.
    “Cherie, Rhys… has been in an accident.”
    “What, HOW!” I screamed into my phone.
    “There was an accident, an unconnected power line. Something went wrong, I wasn’t there. He’s at St. Mary’s.”
    I ran to my car, Anne my new agent, reached the car first.
    “You can’t drive Cherie.” She said calmly
    “Stay out of my way Anne!” I said angrily
    “Get in the passenger seat Cherie.” Once again calmly, to calm for me.
    I wrapped my fingers around my palm and smashed them into her face.
    “CHERIE!” someone called.
    I couldn’t take it anymore, Rhys my love, had been electrocuted. I was on the ground in tears. Then I was bundled into the front seat of my car and Anne climbed into the driver’s seat.
    “The things I do for these drama queens.” I heard her say quietly. I wasn’t worried about her, I needed to see Rhys.
    So that was how it happened. Rhys was in ER when we arrived. Anne ran off to get her black eye taken care of and I ran to Rhys. He died the just before I walked into the ER. We managed to keep it out of the media; I didn’t want Rhys’ family to find out that way. So that’s how I got where I am now. July 2nd 2008, the worst day of my life. I arrived in Australia this morning and jumped on a train to Rhys’ and my home town. Any second now the train is going to pull into the station and I’m going to walk down the street to the Gunter home and sit down on his parents couch and tell them they will never see their son alive again. God help me.

  2. BeautyBlitz
    May 10th, 2012 at 09:39 | #2

    It’s actually not bad. I would change the part about this easily beating the day you lost your husband. Unless something tragically worse happens, telling his family would in no way be worse than losing him.
    Also-If one of her movies was a bomb and the others "weren’t that bad" how on earth did she get nominated for an Oscar? Usually, it is a great part in a phenominal film that gets an actor nominated. Either change that the other two movies "weren’t that bad" or maybe have her nominated for a people’s choice award or a SAG award….(SAG is Screen Actors Guild)
    You also portray Anne as being entirely unfeeling, I’m not sure if you meant to do that. If you did not mean to do that then I would cut the line about her being a drama queen and also cut the line where it says that "Rhys was in ER when we arrived. Anne ran off to get her black eye taken care of and I ran to Rhys"
    Most people with any kind of compassion for others would want to be there for another person in a time of need, especailly an Agent. The agent would be in charge of "keeping a lid" on Rhys death at the very least.

    Also-do a fact check and make sure that Scarlet Johanson and Angelina Jolie really did make the top of the "sexiest woman" list.
    References :

  3. Megna
    May 10th, 2012 at 09:41 | #3

    Quite nice. You kept attention since the start of the story is active, happening. May I recommend that you do not describe the day that Rhys died as not being the worst one. This pass Cherie as being unfeeling. Exploit the moment Cherie finds out that Rhys is dead. Cherie might be in a shock. Don’t make her hit Anne. You made both the characters sound unfeeling. Cherie might have been in a daze and quietly let Anne drive, or she may have been angry, worried and at most, force her way past Anne, giving her a little shove. She may have been unable to argue with her, having a lump in her throat.
    References :

  4. Ferg
    May 10th, 2012 at 09:43 | #4

    It was ok but there seemed to be quite a lot crammed into only a short bit of writing and i agree about changing the worst day of my life thing. If you just changed that it would be really good!
    References :

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