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Get the Latest Mobile Ringtones

Get the latest mobile ringtones

If you have the latest mobile ringtones on your cell phone you can be rest assured that you will become the cynosure of all parties and you may be invited to places where you have never ever thought you would ever be able to enter. This is not at all an exaggeration, neither an attempt to shepherd you towards any particular website – it is the outcome of a survey done by social scientists over five long years. It has been observed that the inherent human desire to communicate is now manifested through latest mobile ringtones and these ringtones have developed an altogether new and novel hierarchy of their own where various categories of ringtones are awarded different status.

Mp3 ringtones are very popular for their clarity and the miniscule space they require to be stored. Space is always at a premium in cell phones on account of the smallness of the microchip inside a cell and anything that occupies less space is always welcome. Mp3 ringtones admirably fulfil both the requirements – they require very little space and the sound quality is also extremely clear. Therefore, as you might have already guessed, mp3 ringtone holders consider themselves to be a class above those that have ordinary ringtones on their cell phone.

Premieringtones.com for sure knows how to pamper its patrons and it has a distinct and unique method of rewarding loyal visitors by providing them bonus ringtones frequently and these bonus ringtones are no pushovers or stale stock that refuses to be dislodged from the shelf. In fact these bonus ringtones often form the cream of their entire collection of ringtones.

Coming back to the pecking order in the world of ringtones one must admit that the cherry on the cake is surely the polyphonic ringtone. Its unique clarity and almost auditorium like reproduction makes it the monarch among ringtones of all hue and it doesn’t require additional mention, I guess, that all those who want to be counted always opt for polyphonic ringtones.


  1. Mel
    March 5th, 2013 at 02:19 | #1

    Anybody know of a site I can get a ringtone without having to access wireless internet?
    There used to be a few sites around that sent monophonic (sometimes polyphonic) ringtones directly to your phone, without needing internet access. I don’t have the internet on my phone, so I was just wondering if anybody else knew of a secret, lol. I’ve looked all over the net and haven’t found anything. Any help would be awesome, thanks in advance!

  2. suganya p
    March 5th, 2013 at 07:21 | #2

    Hi friend,if you refer this site
    http://www.freesharpringtones.com ……….
    You can download latest ringtones & sweet wall papers in your pc & have it through USB CABLE freely without any cost.For more details click the link at the top.
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  3. ©ææ jay ææ©
    March 5th, 2013 at 07:23 | #3


    you can downoad ringtones from this site and save to your computer and later transfer them to your mobile using data cable or bluetooth:

    If you want to download ringtones by the way of sms,
    you can visit these sites:

    note you may be charged for the service!

    hope it is useful!
    References :

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