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Information Regarding Iphone Ringtones Mp3

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While many people are comfortable with getting their ringtones from a content provider, many others are against the idea. This may be because the content provider does not have the range of music which the user desire or the time and money involved with the process may act as a source of discouragement. If you dislike the idea about getting the ringtone from the content provider for any reason, you have an alternative. You can access a ringtone either through the use of online tools to create a ringtone or use an mp3 file as a free iPhone ringtone. You may not be comfortable with the use of online software to create a ringtone, no matter how trendy or cheap or free the software is. In that case, use any mp3 file as a free iPhone ringtone. This is how you can go about doing this.

Launch iTunes and select the mp3 file which you want to make use of. Note that the maximum ringtone length to be supported by the iPhone is thirty seconds and that you may have to do some trimming so the ringtone can be supported in the iphone. To trim, right click on the mp3 file and a number of possibilioties will be open to you. Look for GET INFO. Click on it, and this will get you to the OPTIONS tab. Click on the tab, fix in the file’s start and stop time, and then click on OK.

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