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The Ultimate Way to Personalize your Cell Phone: Nametones

Since the first Nokia tune, which is still the standard sound for Nokia phones, there has changed a lot. The original goal of ringtones was to personalize your mobile phone. So when it rings you will be able to know it is your phone that is ringing, and not someone else’s.

The first ringtones that personalized your phone were the monophonic ringtones, these ringtones are based on one single beep-like tone. And at the time they first came out they were the newest gadget to show-off with. These days they’re a bit boring. Because after the monophonic ringtones the polyphonic ringtones came. Polyphonic ringtones are ringtones that are based upon more beep-like tones. So it sounds almost like real music. Polyphonic ringtones are the standard nowadays, but realtones are coming in fast.

Realtones are ringtones that are not based on beepy sounds like the monophonic ringtones and the polyphonic ringtones. Realtones are actually the real sounds of artists. Realtones are 30 seconds during mp3 songs. Realtones are totally it these days! But they’re very expensive, because there must be made big contracts with music label companies. And companies who legally sell realtones have to pay a lot for every sold item. But witch realtones you can do a lot of things, they don’t necessary need to be real songs of real artists. You can also record a burping sound, or a chewing cow as a realtone! Those sounds are called truetones. But let’s get to the point. Let’s get to the ultimate way to personalize your mobile cell phone.

The ultimate way to personalize your mobile cell phone are nametones or naam ringtones. Nametones are actually realtones, or mp3 ringtones. Those nametones (or naam ringtones) are songs that are recorded with your name in it. So when your phone rings you don’t hear Madonna’s newest hit, no you hear your phone shouting at you to pick up your phone! So you always know when it is your phone when you hear a phone ringing. There are different sorts of nametones, you have nametones in the form of a song where someone is singing that you’re phone rings. Those nametones are in different sorts of genres like hardcore, hip hop, bubbling, pop and a lot more! Also there are celebrities telling you to pick up your phone, or just normal people with a funny voice and some swearing tell you to pick up your phone.

The only problem is that if someone else with the same name get’s called and that person has the same nametone like you, you both pick up your phone. But… at least you’ll have a good laugh!

Pete Moret

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