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Ringtones – What are the Differences Between Mp3, Mono and Poly?

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The mobile market has been booming these past few years. All over the world, millions of people have embraced the mobile world into their life. Most of them are into it so much that they can not imagine going out of the house without their cell phones with them. Part of the fun of having a cell phone today is that you can upload all sorts of interesting mobile ringtones. You can use these cell phone ringtones for sounding when you have an inbound call, to let you know when you have an audio message, and also when you receive an instant message as well.

Many inexperienced Ringtone users may be overwhelmed by the technical jargon they encounter when trying to purchase or use a new Ringtone. Terms such as monophonic and polyphonic ringtones, MP3 ringtones or baud rate and the like are enough to shake many non-technophiles. But in general it’s not that hard and the different Ringtones can be broken down to three different kinds that are in operation now:

1. Polyphonic ring tones make use of multiple tones that are played simultaneously with the instrumental sounds created by guitars, drums, violins, pianos, cymbals and more. This creates a harmonious sound that you will never hear from a monotone. Polyphonic ringtones are able to much more accurately reproduce complex sounds than previous technologies, and, for this reason, phones that can handle polyphonic ringtones are much more popular thantheir monophonic rivals.

2. Real Music ringtones or MP3 Ringtones, are ringtones that came from “real” or actual songs. They use original pieces of music along with lyrics, exactly as the original recording. The format is usually MP3, WAV, WMA, etc. This feature and support for real music ringtones is being built into most new models of almost all mobile phone manufacturers. Real Music Ringtones are also called true tones, real tones, voice tones, full music or MP3 ringtones.

3. Monophonic is the simplest of ringtone technology that uses a MIDI format. This one note wonder changed ringtones and no more would you hear simple chirps and chimes, but rather, you could play a popular song. A single note playing a song resembles a monophonic ringtone sound. You can recognize your favorite song, but it sounds a little off, because there is not that much control with a single tone format.

Ringtones are available in various forms. One of the reasons why personalized ringtones are enjoying such an immense popularity all over the world is because of the ability to actually bring your personality to your phone. With personalized ringtones you can immediately show to other people what kind of person you are the moment they hear your ringtone. If you are the goofy type of person then you’d have one of those funny songs, a hilarious joke or a funny sound effect as your ring tone. If you are the romantic type then love songs would usually be your ringtone. The adventurous people may select rock or techno music as their ringtones. Of course, anime fans will definitely get anime theme songs as their ringtones. There are endless possibilities on how to customize your cell phone. You can download ringtones, compose them or even buy them on various websites. No matter what your personal taste could be, there is definitely already a ringtone for it.

Carmelita Moore

  1. Gumby
    February 14th, 2012 at 00:27 | #1

    What's the difference?
    I don’t understand the difference between Mono, poly and true ringtones. Can anyone explain it?

  2. primark_princess
    February 14th, 2012 at 05:29 | #2

    I think poly ringtones aren’t very good, just like beeping. Mono are slightly better and true ringtones are best cos they sound like a proper song.
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  3. indranath
    February 14th, 2012 at 05:31 | #3

    Monophonic = Producing only one note at a time.
    Polyphonic = Capable of producing more than one note at a time. All synthesizers place a limit on how many voices of polyphony are available.
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  4. Riz
    February 14th, 2012 at 05:33 | #4

    Mono ringtones:
    Standard ringtones are the oldest of the ringtone types, and consist of a set of beeps, where only 1 can be played at a time.

    Most older mass-market mobile phones support standard ringtones. Newer phones, however, tend not to support them, due to the just as wide a range of better-sounding polyphonic ringtones.

    Other names:
    Standard ringtones are often also called ‘Standard ringtones’, ‘ringtones’, ‘monotones’.

    Polyphonic ringtones:
    Polyphonic ringtones are a newer, uprated version of standard ringtones, and consist of a synthesised sound allowing a wider range of higher-quality beeps to be played at once.

    Most newer phones support polyphonic ringtones. Phones that don’t support real ringtones but do support polyphonic ringtones also tend to support standard ringtones. However, phones that support real ringtones and polyphonic ringtones tend not to support standard ringtones.

    Other names:
    Polyphonic ringtones are often also called ‘poly ringtones’, ‘poly tones’, ‘polytones’, ‘synth tones’, ‘synthtones’.

    True ringtones:
    Real ringtones are the newest ringtone type, consisting of a massive range of sounds all able to be played at once. Real ringtones sound just like the real song that they are based on!

    The very newest phones support real ringtones. Phones that support real ringtones tend to support polyphonic ringtones (due to the massive choice available), but not standard ringtones.

    Other names:
    Real ringtones are often also called ‘true ringtones’, ‘real tones’, ‘realtones’, ‘true
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  5. tigerlilly2255
    February 14th, 2012 at 05:35 | #5

    mono ringtones are very basic and they sort of sound like the song, but it doesnt take a lot of memory. most phones do not come with mono ringtones anymore, however they can support them. they are basically only capable of one note (of music) at a time

    poly are closer sounding to the actual song, however they do take up a little more memory. there are still some phones that have poly ringtones. they do not include lyrics and can have more than one note (of music) at a time

    true or mp3 ringtones are the highest quality ringtones and also take up more space on your phone’s memory. however they can have lyrics and all the other weird little noises that artists are putting on their tracks these days.
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