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Brighten Up A Dull Day With A Fun Ringtone

If there is one thing that the world has far too much of, it would be the curse of the mundane. That is, far too much that exists in the world is fairly dull, bland and on the wrong side of the play it safe debate. Part of the reason for this is while standing out in a crowd is something people seemingly enjoy, the reality is that there are a number of conventions afoot in the world that press people to take the safe root and not try to stand out in the crowd too much.

Oh well, more is the pity, as going through life without ever making much of a mark in the world is similar to living in a comatose state. Now, the people who came up with the idea of flashy and snazzy ringtones were definitely not the folks who seemed to revel in playing it safe or maintaining a dull composure!

Although ringtones have become wildly popular in recent years, there are still a few misconceptions floating about as to the value of having music installed on a person’s phone. Those misconceptions assume that people select their music on a random basis or that a certain phone comes with certain ringtone.

In other words, the misconception centers around the fact that people believe the person who owns the cellphone did not play a direct role in selecting the specific ringtone for the phone. This assumption is based out of simply not being familiar with how ringtones are installed and, more importantly, why someone chooses to install them.

Ringtones can provide a brief glimpse into the personality of the individual who owns the cell phone. The tone and style of the ringtone can lend some insight into the likes dislikes and quirks of the individual who chose the ringtones.

For example, a funny ringtone can provide the information that the person who likes the ringtone is a humorous, lighthearted person who doesn’t necessarily take the world all that serious. Quite honestly, that is quite an intriguing statement for a person to make so wholeheartedly embracing such whimsical ringtones is a sure sign of a fun person!

There does come the question regarding what people may think if a person’s ringtone is too whimsical. Actually, if the ringtones that blare are ominous, then maybe it might be wise to consider what people will think. Now, if the ringtones are fun, then people will probably think the person is fun so what would be the problem with that? Life is short, enjoy it and broadcast your joy to the whole, wide world with fun ringtones on your cell.

Craig Thornburrow

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